offline mark1ds Master Forgotten Kings
Thursday 26/07/2012, 12:24

HI, i stopped playing this game but now i have returnd and now i see that there is no more type1 deck and type2 deck.My question is, is there any star restriction now, or a 30 stars deck can play vs a 25 stars deck? plz answer my question. Thx

offline LW-Theory Veteran  
Thursday 26/07/2012, 13:56

Extended 25 is T1. Standard is 25* just with cards released in last 3 years. Extended is T2.
In DT you can fight only opponents with +-5* difference even though you play in extended, that´s why you can play in DT extended with fewer than 25 star decks.

offline about4turtles Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 26/07/2012, 22:49

I think its anywhere in the same "level".

Level 1: 1 to 23*s
Level 2: 24 to 31*s
Level 3: 32*s +

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