offline The-Girl-eVo Senior  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 19:16

Hi again,

Tournament is starting now.
Check out with what you will need to fight smiley

Group A
Treamor LoA

Group B
N a D i r

Group C
1f - KV Raven
1f-warr kid

I know its random smiley
1) No Doubles
2) No Rescue
3) No Pilzz
4) No bad words to others
5) No NICK changing (or you will be disqualifited)
6) No OLD cr's
7) Only cards what accept in ELO
smiley If someone doesnt respond give him 1 day - if he dont respond anyway you are win and you get 40 points. and he will get 10 points

1) Jackie (and maybe Kerozinn Cr)
2) Zatman
3) Rubie
4) Larry smiley

N.B. If you see someone cheating (using pilz or something) screen it and posts your link to the image smiley

Did i say all? I guess so smiley


offline Fou Nadir Guru  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 20:04

Group B smiley I'm ready just Send me a Message smiley

Good Luck All smiley

offline Fou Nadir Guru  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 20:32

Today at 20:29 were annihilated by 0ET_MeRMaiD (0-10) - you received : 7 points and 2 clintz
Today at 20:25 lost against 0ET_MeRMaiD (0-4) - you received : 5 points and 2 clintz

Lost 2/0 Against The Mermaid smiley

offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Thursday 13/12/2007, 20:36

My result (1st match - Group B):
Back to crushed N a D i r (10-0) - you received : 48 points and 7 clintz
Today at 08:25 beat N a D i r (4-0) - you received : 42 points and 7 clintz

offline KILLER OLD Senior  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 20:53

To playing!!!!!!!!!!!!! smileysmiley

offline Fou Nadir Guru  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 21:01

Today at 20:59 lost against SaNtAkO_0ld (4-smiley - you received : 7 points and 2 clintz

But !

So I stop the Match !

offline johnnysay Imperator HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 13/12/2007, 22:02

Back to crushed HolyWizy (20-1) - you received : 16 points and 5 clintz
Today at 14:54 crushed HolyWizy (13-3) - you received : 18 points and 5 clintz

man, if it's by battle points i basically lost, look @ my next opponents smiley,,, they're goin down! haha i hope...

offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Friday 14/12/2007, 00:28

My result (2nd match): group B
Back to crushed OET_SHARK (12-0) - you received : 47 points and 9 clintz
Today at 12:23 crushed OET_SHARK (14-0) - you received : 48 points and 9 clintz

offline Violet Skies Guru White Butterfly
Friday 14/12/2007, 00:35

Hey group C, since we have some time differences we will have to arrange our games and meet up at the agreed time, pm me.

offline d3vil_nzz Imperator  
Friday 14/12/2007, 01:55

Can i still be recruited?

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Clint City, day.