offline sampert_MOB Imperator  
Thursday 09/08/2012, 22:59

Am I the only one who thinks UR should change something about letting battles time out? I play a lot of DT's and very often when i'm looking at sure win after 3 rounds the opponent lets the battle time out. I'm glad UR changed the time for every round so i don't loose too much time but still i often lose a lot of points in DT:

- Points for number of rounds won
- A win with at least one pillz left at the end of the fight: +2 points
- A win with at least 12 life points left: +2 points
- KO: +2 points

I understand that some lose their connection, but lately there's too many people who let the battle time out when they know for sure they'll lose

Any Thoughts on this?.

offline 2sHaMe Imperator TRiNiTY
Friday 10/08/2012, 04:57

Also would be nice to get extra points for victory rounds even in loses or draws.

offline Raptor WMD Master  
Saturday 11/08/2012, 11:43

I took second instead of first instead a DT about a week ago because someone intentionally timed out in my last game. But ultimately the points thing effects everyone pretty much the same... if anything it affects the best players worse because we get timed out on more often. Changing how points are scored isn't going to really matter in the long run. The only way it will really stop if the person timing out gets punished hard. Like 2 time outs in a single DT =1 day blacklist or something like that. But it's never going to happen. I suggest learning to deal with it better and not getting upset.

offline sampert_MOB Imperator  
Sunday 12/08/2012, 12:49

I know it happens to anyone of us. I just hope UR changes something, like awarding points for winning the leftover rounds if someone time-outs or something like that.

offline Lafoote Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Sunday 12/08/2012, 14:43

After timing out for what has to be the hundredth, I can assure you players on IPhone do NOT recieve the same amount of time to play as PC players. I NEVER time out on PC. Until that is worked out, I'm not in favor of any changes to the system.

offline Rap Muzik Master Hip Hop Messiahz
Sunday 12/08/2012, 16:23

Yeah i hate when my connection goes bad and then the player blacklists me cause i time out. I play fair i dont time out.

offline sampert_MOB Imperator  
Monday 13/08/2012, 00:36

I wasn't aware of the iPhone thing, and i'm also not saying that you can't ever time out. I just noticed that a lot of players tend to "time out" in the last round when they know for sure they have lost the game.

offline spinalcracker Colossus Working Class Heroes
Monday 13/08/2012, 16:32

We have all seen it happen. Its unfortunate, but there are definitely players out there that will let it time-out if they know that they have lost.

UR should establish some sort of AI to take over when an opponent times-out. I mean they have solo battles, so it shouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility.

Slightly off topic, but I also hate this when you are trying to accomplish a mission and opponent times-out.

offline sampert_MOB Imperator  
Wednesday 15/08/2012, 00:05

Yeah indeed spinalcracker, that annoys me too if i'm doing a mission and he times out or gives up.

offline Daxose Titan URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 15/08/2012, 16:27

The iPhone is awful when it comes to playing and players (myself included) time out even when we've submitted a move 15 and sometimes even 30 seconds prior to the timer actually running out. I've submitted moves (with plenty of service or wifi connection) only see a loading timer at the top corner (indicated that I made a move and that it's waiting to be submitted); the second that timer hits zero it lets me know that I've timed out and lost the battle - it lets me know that I've lost instantaneously even though I've been waiting a long time to let my move go thru. There is something about the iPhone app that doesn't want to connect or send a move sometimes and it can get very frustrating....some people time out purposely so the person they're playing doesn't receive maximum points (that's very childish) but there are still plenty of times when the person is looking to finish out the match and their phone says otherwise.

I've had a few instances where i've lost the match by the 3rd round but obviously want to finish the fight to a) receive daily tournament points/credit for the DT and b) don't want my smiley face to start frowning because I'm not a quitter.

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