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Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction. Any resemblance to real people and events is coincidental and/or for familiarity purposes only. Enjoy!

David was sifting through the pile of papers on his desk when the clock hit 8:30. They were his assignments for the day, which would probably occupy him for the rest of the week. He randomly took one and swiveled his chair around to face the window overlooking the Clint City bay.

His office was located on the 69th floor of Clint Tower- headquarters of the Urban Rivals Staff. He’s the only senior field agent of Operations Support Division. Many of his fellow field agents chose to transfer after a few months to other departments like the R&D Beta-test Department on the 13th floor. They reasoned out that the workload in OSD was just too much. The others just stopped reporting to work for some reason.

As he read the details of the assignment, someone knocked on his door. He turned his chair around just in time to see a tall woman with orange hair tied into a ponytail close the door behind her. The woman wore a long-sleeved tight-fitting shirt and dark jeans, and was carrying a bulky folder. Printed on the front of her shirt was the name “Kate”.

“Good morning, K. Are you here to ruin my day again?” asked David. “I’m always amazed by how you make tooth extractions seem pleasant. In fact, I think I’ll schedule three today.” He grabbed his phone and feigned dialing a number.

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Thanks for the support, fellas. smiley

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Gosh darn it Grave, I was expecting something... that I often see in my favorite fanfics

Know what I mean?
Nonetheless, good fic. smiley

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Thanks, Alha. smiley

Now that SimonW is back, I think there'll be more stories to read on the board. smiley

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