Thursday 23/08/2012, 23:27

That's totally what I should have named the deck. Anyways, here's a pretty little preset for you to rate and comment on:


Took it for a test drive, here are the results:

1st: Barney_UM 405 pts, win 150 bonus pts + 50 ctz.

22:17 Deathmatch you beat elitemre (8-0): 405 points
22:14 Deathmatch you were annihilated by elitemre (0-12): 340 points
22:10 Deathmatch you crushed StormElement, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (12-0): 320 points
22:08 Deathmatch you crushed StormElement, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (12-0): 250 points
22:05 Deathmatch you beat StormElement, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (5-0): 180 points
22:02 Deathmatch you beat White Walker, THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE (7-0): 120 points
21:59 Deathmatch you crushed White Walker, THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE (12-0): 60 points
21:56 Deathmatch you beat StormElement, ELITE Black Sea Pirates (5-0): 55 points

What do you think of the deck? Anything you would change about it?

Monday 03/09/2012, 10:04

You would, you'd do it in the second round. If not, then you'd have the power to split pill.

Caelus Cr with Hugo at 3 pillz beats 7 powers up to 9 pillz. smiley

Monday 03/09/2012, 19:41

If only I wasn't god awful at pill splitting.

Wednesday 05/09/2012, 22:12

I've pulled together a different Standard DM deck. It's got Uppers. It's got Montana. It's got Hugo. It... it needs your ratings and your comments.



Thursday 06/09/2012, 13:46

Think of how many games you could get in without needing that third round?

That one round is increasing your game lengths by 50%.

In the first score in the top, if those were all 3 round games, by making them into 2 round games, you would have gotten almost 4 more battles in. More than likely about 3 more due to finishing/start times.

Thursday 06/09/2012, 14:16

And how do you suggest that I should do that?

Friday 14/09/2012, 23:44

Bump, bumpity, bump bump.

New DM Standard deck. Nightmare + Uppers + Hugo. Give me a rate and a comment, please.


Friday 21/09/2012, 06:59

All good lineups, though perhaps having Nistarok would help you switch things up a bit.
You could replace either Herman or Oshitsune because they both basically do the same thing. And since you can 2HKO with either, i would say go with Oshitsune because 4v3 is better than 5v4 (especially if you get the Hugo bonus).



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