Saturday 25/08/2012, 20:57

Looking for a Fun Active guild? The look no more ...The MoB wants you!!!

LvL 40 plus.. Active Active active.. with both game and boards. Great helpful members.. contests events and giveaways. But if your just looking for free or cheap cards.. well go look somewhere else.

It does not matter if you play ELO,DT,DM or SvR. We have players that play all modes. And are always ready to help.

But the main thing i want to stress is Fun Fun Fun!!

Masters of Battle LvL 40 plus only

Saturday 20/04/2013, 03:09

OMFG, MOB Turns me on smiley

Saturday 20/04/2013, 15:20

There is no other Guild in the UR world like MOB.

If you only do one thing in your life, then join the MOB smiley

Monday 22/04/2013, 23:42

You heard Jimmy.. JOIN!

Monday 22/04/2013, 23:50

Join this good guild plz smiley

Sunday 28/04/2013, 14:48

Join us and have a free brownie... smiley

Monday 29/04/2013, 00:24

I can vouch for the delicious brownies smiley

Thursday 02/05/2013, 21:32

Come join us

Thursday 02/05/2013, 22:26

Join MOB unless you wanna get jumped!

Sunday 12/05/2013, 15:11

Here in the states it's Mothers day..... so make Mom proud.. join MOB!!!

Wednesday 15/05/2013, 00:38

I highly recommend you join this guild.... it would be very ill-advised for you to refuse my offer....smiley


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