Sunday 26/08/2012, 13:59

Here at the war party we enjoy the game as a game. Nothing taken too seriously and focus only on the fun.

If you are here to enjoy yourself and at the same time try and do your best in the game then this is the place for you. We have the experience and knowledge to help you with just about anything.

The War Party guild will be the perfect place for you. Active boards, Lots of events, Lots of prizes. It all happens here and plenty of players willing to share their knowledge of the game with you.

The requirements to join are as follows.

English speaking
level 15+

And that is all you need, as long as you are active and friendly you are most welcome here. smiley

War Party

Tuesday 19/03/2013, 03:50

It really is a great guild. Fun people, enjoyable events, an unhealthy obsession with soccer (smiley), it's got everything.

Wednesday 20/03/2013, 17:35

War Party is under new management (ME!! smiley) and in case you were wondering its even more awesome!!, so come on down if your above level 25 with a good fairplay rating!! smiley

Thursday 21/03/2013, 00:25

Ladies and gents, the forum doesn't lie: This guild is capital H-O-T hot!

Saturday 23/03/2013, 00:22

Bumping this up, we're getting rid of deadwood over the next few days so there's plenty of space for you to join a guild where all the members are active and fun fun fun!! smiley

Monday 25/03/2013, 00:43

The boss is back smiley

Join up and you won't regret it.......Well you might but aslong as you stay away from Peace you will survive. smiley

Monday 25/03/2013, 11:11

Come on guys join up and make friends with our community!

Monday 25/03/2013, 22:23

Join up and you will never look back!

Monday 25/03/2013, 23:49

Join us if your a player who is interested in active message boards and a nice small group of guildmates

Tuesday 26/03/2013, 10:16

We will give you help on any problems UR or real life e.g deck building or girls

Tuesday 26/03/2013, 16:30

Yes, People who play online card games for hours each day are experts on girls. Didn't you know? smiley


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