offline Gumbo123 Guru  
Sunday 16/12/2007, 18:11

--------Welcome to:-------
The UR Fan Art Contest!


I. Introduction
Hello all! I am Area 51 and is hosting a fan art contest. I wanted to try to run an event (With rewards!) and see if it is successful. PLUS I like drawing too and I don't think this has been done. smiley

II. General Rules
2.) There will be no favoritism by me, such as I wouldn't choose someone I know on purpose. We will use voting in order to decide and eliminate. (More on this later...)
3.) Please, don't spam or say mean things to each other. "The best possible thing is participating!"

III. Rules of Artwork
1.) Be original! Creative! Try your best! smiley
2.) NO PLAGIARISM! (Please don't, it's not too easy to spot...)
3.) It must be related to Urban Rivals! Show a battle scene? Draw a character? Etc.
4.) It does not have to be a drawing! A diorama or even a sculpture is fine.
5.) If you have a piece VERY similiar to another, the rule is "first come, first serve." Though I doubt this will happen...
6.) Please, if you have more questions, PM me or post here!
7.) Don't forget that this is just the sign-ups! Don't post art yet; it will start soon.
*More rules might be added if I remember more smiley*

*DON'T POST ANYTHING YET PLEASE!* I will tell you when you can. For now, I ran out of 1500 letters and will add Part II to this, then you can enter. smiley

offline Gumbo123 Guru  
Sunday 16/12/2007, 21:38

Part II (Ran out of words!)

IV. Prizes and such
1.) The reward is as follows:
1st - 3rd - 6000 Clintz
4th - 6th - 4500 Clintz
7th - 10th - 3000 Clintz
This will be determined through voting in another post later. Also, there might be extra above-and-beyond and such. smiley
2.) THERE IS AN ENTRY FEE! Of only 700 Clintz per person. Sorry, this has to be done to fund the rewards. Also, it has to be made to show that you are serious about this contest and not to have too much entries. So seriously, decide whether you think you can do good. ALSO: Don't pay this yet until we have enough sign-ups! smiley
3.) There will only be 25 people allowed to simplify voting and to not overflow this with too many hard choices. XD This will be done in first-come, first-serve.

V. Order of Events
1.) You are here! Sign-ups
*Entry fee once there is 25 people
2.) Submit Entries!
3.) Preliminaries
4.) Vote
5.) Vote once more
6.) Awards!

VI. In-depth Q/A
1.) Q. Help! I haven't purchased credits before!
A. Instead, I will give you a card from a pool of choices. More on this later...

Q. You're only a Master!
A. Don't participate then. XD Trust me, this is legitamate.

Q. When can we enter?
A. Now. smiley

VII. Final Additions
1.) Xavier52 asked, "Can you design new cards?" I will allow this, but the artwork has to be custom and not copied. Ex. of a no-no! Darth Vader XD

Just post here if you'd like to enter. Thanks! smiley

offline Gumbo123 Guru  
Sunday 16/12/2007, 21:57

WAIT! I am so sorry to have pulled everyone's leg, but the prizes were wrong. I need to adjust it so I don't get profit nor lose money. XD

Entry Fee: 700

1st - 5000 Clintz
2nd - 4th - 3000 Clintz
5th - 2000 Clintz

The remaining 2500 Clintz will be split for the Above & Beyond. Also, card donations would be greatly appreciated for those who can't purchase credits. Just PM me please...

Ok! I think the whole thing is functioning now! Don't forget, this is to enter, don't post your submissions here. Sorry for the inconvenience... smiley The floor is also open for questions. Thanks! smiley

offline Gumbo123 Guru  
Sunday 16/12/2007, 22:12

Lol, sorry for another inconvenienvce, I need to tweak it one last time. I really need a better mathemetician! XD It won't change that much...

Entry Fee - Sorry, to fund it, it has to go to 800. smiley

1st - 3500
2nd - 2700
3rd - 5th - 2000

Above and Beyond: To be determined. smiley Some include most funniest, most creative, etc. This is why I really rely on card donations. XD The 2000 Clintz left will be used for Above & Beyond. Ok, now we're ready! smiley

offline Transparrent Senior  
Sunday 16/12/2007, 22:57

Count me in lol I am looking forward to itsmiley

Wednesday 19/12/2007, 17:44

Count me in

offline Gumbo123 Guru  
Thursday 20/12/2007, 03:18

Sorry, I'm only on a lot during the weekends... Any more? smiley

offline apricotsoup Titan The U-P-R-I-S-I-N-G
Thursday 20/12/2007, 23:08

I would but I'm too paranoid and poor to go for entry fees smiley

offline 2007alien2009 Novice THE GTA GUILD
Friday 21/12/2007, 19:10

Yer ok ill sigh up

offline chazman Veteran BRITISH BOYS SUPER ELITE
Monday 31/12/2007, 14:01

I am in

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