Monday 10/09/2012, 11:38

The Nightmare’s hold on Kenny has become so intense that the sacred fire that gave him to life is on the verge of going out. As a result, Kenny has had no choice but to flee the town in an attempt to stay alive and regain his strength. As for Rhed, she’s amassed so much treasure during her adventures with the Piranas that she'll never want for anything again. Instead, a much-deserved retirement awaits her...
From Monday, September 17th 2012, Kenny and Rhed will no longer be available in the shop’s packs. However, players who already own them can continue to use them as normal. Sales of the two characters on the Market will be blocked until the morning of Wednesday, September 12th.

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:06

Thank god i decided to keep dat gurlll

And kenny? Lolwat.....sucked in Kolos ya twat smiley

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:09

I've been playing UR since februari 2012 and this is just the second time that I see cards going CR.

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:15

You wldve been better if Kenny went CR together with Alec Cr...wasn't expecting Rhed though!

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:23

I'm Lucky to own Kenny Cr, even though I did foul mouthed him on his own comment sections. Rhed(x2) so woot!

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:26

I'm a little bit disappointed...

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:29

I have both of them, horayyy

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:30

Im allways happy at how suprised i am at the cards which go Cr. smiley

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:32

Wow almost sold one of my three kenny's (x3) today just to pick up Lizbeth lol and rhed was kinda random?

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:35

Was expecting either Tula, Tyd or Katan becoming cr, was surprised t see it was Rhed

Monday 10/09/2012, 12:41

Amazing background image !!! THX for it ! smiley


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