offline Boing Legend  
Monday 10/09/2012, 11:38

The Nightmare’s hold on Kenny has become so intense that the sacred fire that gave him to life is on the verge of going out. As a result, Kenny has had no choice but to flee the town in an attempt to stay alive and regain his strength. As for Rhed, she’s amassed so much treasure during her adventures with the Piranas that she'll never want for anything again. Instead, a much-deserved retirement awaits her...
From Monday, September 17th 2012, Kenny and Rhed will no longer be available in the shop’s packs. However, players who already own them can continue to use them as normal. Sales of the two characters on the Market will be blocked until the morning of Wednesday, September 12th.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 13/09/2012, 20:48

I don't think Kenny deserves a ban, really. He's a great card under the right circumstances, but do you ever see him getting voted out of ELO? Let's save the bans for cards like Askai and Cliff. smiley

offline Woshy790 Veteran  
Thursday 13/09/2012, 22:40

Kenny is like one of the mascots to urban rivals.

offline Farxiga Colossus TRiNiTY
Friday 14/09/2012, 00:46

Guys it's a sign!!! All the mascots of urban rivals are leaving. For. Ever.

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Friday 14/09/2012, 06:12

Now, how about making a Katja Cr? smiley

offline K1NG_PWN4GzZz Colossus TrAitorzZz
Friday 14/09/2012, 13:06

Would be nice if people stopped crying about burning buildings and such
the world doesn't evolve around the 11 september more than 10 years ago
most certainly not UR, so quit it, please, it's annoying to people

offline emoBobSquare Hero  
Saturday 15/09/2012, 21:34

OMG Kenny is the mascot of urban rivals hes gone wahaaahhhh. ok wel check this out Lamar CR was the poster boy for something on a blimp (cant think of name right now) but it was what el gringo bulked up on. he went cr when barry bonds was on his ending of baseball career. Kenny has a resemblance to ....Harry potter movie gone over a year..... stop crying about some of these going cr when you can predict it if you look carefully for details -.-

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Sunday 16/09/2012, 08:00

You can't predict the Crs. The staff picks them by criteria that is secretive and probably randomly changed. Don't claim that coincidences are the cause.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 16/09/2012, 12:18

The criteria isn't secret we all know they just throw darts at a dart board and the cards they hit go Cr.

offline _Halava Master Tactical Assassins
Monday 17/09/2012, 09:28

They are still available today in shop packs or not?

offline SIR BARKS Titan Vengeful Little Ponies
Monday 17/09/2012, 12:34

Not available in the packs anymore.

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