Friday 14/09/2012, 11:04

Although Scott Ld and the Rescue clan were able to outdo Jaxx Ld, they’re still a long way off from celebrating. Information received by Kerry confirms that Jaxx Ld, backed up by the GHEIST, is all set to go on the offensive. So, heading up a special unit, Scott Ld’s mission is to devise a plan that will put an end once and for all to this evil character.

Scott Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before November 18th at 11.59pm (GMT + 1:00).

Friday 14/09/2012, 16:03

Awwwwwwww was hoping for the newspost for miss clint city 2012, also I think wee need a MR. Clint city too....what ever happened to equality?

Friday 14/09/2012, 16:22

An Unwilling Hero= Win 70 rounds with Scott Ld

Friday 14/09/2012, 16:28

Hi, the hidden mission has been unlocked.

Also, the mistake on the word Psychological has been fixed.

Those fixes will be online in a few minutes.

Friday 14/09/2012, 17:01

As horrible as it sounds, you have to use Scott Ld in the battle. And do something. Win or lose with him in a certain manner to make the ticker go up.

Friday 14/09/2012, 17:56

These new arrows, ringing bells for news, and other things are incredibly annoying. I'm not 8, i know how to click on a card. Please allow me to turn them off, or just straight remove them.

Friday 14/09/2012, 18:16

The new features are getting on my nerves. It slows the frame rate especially on short-timed battles. Please remove the animating arrows or create a feature where the player can option not to see those in the game options.

Friday 14/09/2012, 18:17

Agree with abnormal.
Flashing arrows? Really?

Friday 14/09/2012, 19:47

The star on his eye is on the wrong eye

Friday 14/09/2012, 19:50

70 rounds in deathmatch

Friday 14/09/2012, 20:25

Sigh... of course his mission is to win rounds, even though his ability activates on defeat. And 70 rounds is a lot. Why couldn't it have been block 100 damage, or even win 50 rounds? Heck, Lois Ld was in the same boat and she only had to win 40.


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