offline Boing Legend  
Friday 14/09/2012, 11:04

Although Scott Ld and the Rescue clan were able to outdo Jaxx Ld, they’re still a long way off from celebrating. Information received by Kerry confirms that Jaxx Ld, backed up by the GHEIST, is all set to go on the offensive. So, heading up a special unit, Scott Ld’s mission is to devise a plan that will put an end once and for all to this evil character.

Scott Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before November 18th at 11.59pm (GMT + 1:00).

offline -NN_Sarphyrox Imperator  
Sunday 16/09/2012, 05:51

Can someone tell me what's the reward of the unwilling hero mission. i need to set priority if its worth doing or not. ty

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Sunday 16/09/2012, 06:23

Does anybody know the next couple Ld's we should expect? For next release that is.

If I recall correctly, Valentina has been gone longest...

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 16/09/2012, 07:16

Valentina, Bikini Joe, Travis and Jaxx, I'd say.

offline Tushdarlo Titan The Alliance
Sunday 16/09/2012, 07:21

Yeah, i think she's up next, then probs bikini joe and travis i assume. Am half way through the ld mission on scott atm and the system seems to have crashed, i dont get recognised for removing points in survivor, is anyone else having this issue?

offline Rogue Reaper Hero  
Sunday 16/09/2012, 15:11

Ok, it took ne less then 2 days to get this card... so easy smiley

offline Coldberg Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 16/09/2012, 15:55

Trying to do the remove life points in survivor missions is tedious enough as it is. It's made even harder when my opponent realises they cannot win & quits the battle when I have my -life cards left.

The penalty for quitting a battle either needs to be higher, -20 points is nothing with the new points scoring system where you can get twice that for a win, not that anyone who has all the leaders cares about their BP total anyway. Either that or you should get credit for the card winning a round even if the opponent quits.

14:36 Survivor you won by forfeit against maki026 (10-7): Survivor 2
14:32 Survivor you won by forfeit against Table III, ELO Y OLE (6-4): Survivor 1
14:22 Survivor you won by forfeit against xNDrAgOnXn, Pennette Tricolore (12-3): Survivor 1
13:53 Survivor you won by timeout against magima1 (12-12): Survivor 1
13:38 Survivor you won by forfeit against LaSituacion, DRACOS IBEROS (12-2): Survivor 2
13:25 Survivor you won by forfeit against PiotrekAsD, "Rim Tim" Team (8-9): Survivor 1

10 fights since I logged in & 6 won because the opponent either quit or timed out. It's just stupid.

available UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 16/09/2012, 16:33

Their is actually no penalty for forfeiting the match anymore just one for timeout. Though I do agree that maby a way for you cards to class as winning if your opponent leaves would help.

offline beekeeper420 Hero the shockwaves
Sunday 16/09/2012, 23:20

How do you complete Victory at your finger tips mission? need help respond smileysmiley

offline Grapple X Colossus THE_POWER
Monday 17/09/2012, 00:54

@beekeeper420: While fighting in survivor mode, you need to use character with an ability that states "-X opp. life"; an example would be Praxie. Unfortunately, Rescue don't actually have access to this ability so you'll need to look elsewhere. Berzerk are a good choice as they have it for a bonus, meaning you have several characters who are able to clock up points for it.

offline l0gin4me Guru  
Monday 17/09/2012, 01:17

To complete Victory at Your Fingertips use a card with the ability:
-x opp. life, min y
while playing in one of the Survivor rooms. I think one there is probably a card with this ability in each clan. Alternatively, fight with the Berserk clan (again in a Survivor room) since their bonus is:
-2 opp, life, min 2

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