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Saturday 15/09/2012, 21:57

smileysmiley MILESTONE 4 smileysmiley

***PLEASE RATE THE EVENT GREEN*** even if you don't actually join it.

Guys... For real, don't miss this one. This is the biggest CC CIRCUIT event in its entire history and it celebrates my 40th CC Circuit event! It's going to be a gathering of old players and new players alike to celebrate the success and fun of the CC Circuit. Oh, and the prizes will be huge...

The last three MILESTONE events (they happen every ten events) have had a combined prize pool of over ONE MILLION CLINTZ! This is going to be the biggest of them all and you'd be insane to pass up this opportunity.

The deck format will change round to round as I bring back old favorites from previous events. A donation worth 1000 clintz or more is required along with entry fee in order to participate in this event. Don't worry- when you see the prize pool that will feel like a paltry sum.

If you have EVER played in a CC Circuit event or if you've even just HEARD OF the CC Circuit from a friend or a guildmate- this is the time to get involved! This is the event to join! If you're ever going to play on the CC Circuit it does not get better than this! Come experience the CC Circuit at its highest level of fun, excitement, competition and lucrative prizes!

EVENT STARTS OCTOBER 2ND (which is also my birthday).

Join today!

Thank you to every single person who has even played in, donated to, advertised or in any other way supported a CC Circuit event!

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Monday 17/09/2012, 09:13

STEP 1- Take a look at the current prize list.

STEP 2- Realize what you see now is not even half of the prizes that the event will have when all is said and done.

STEP 3- Join the event.

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Sunday 23/09/2012, 07:21

Prize pool right now is hovering in the area of ONE MILLION CLINTZ and it's only going to go up. Can you really pass that up?


so join up today! smiley

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Thursday 27/09/2012, 21:18

This will be my last time bumping this. The prize pool is over

smileysmiley ONE MILLION CLINTZ smileysmiley

and the competition is going to be fierce. The event starts this Tuesday and if you're looking for a wacky good time with huge rewards this is absolutely the event to join. For real guys, if you've ever considered playing in a CC Circuit event, even if events are not normally your thing, this is the one to join. It'll be worth your while and you'll have a great time!

Join today!

Important notes-

-A donation is required to enter the event. This donations must be worth at least 1000 clintz.

-This event is NOT a lottery and you'll have to earn prizes by actually battling.

See you all there! smiley

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Friday 28/09/2012, 14:31


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