offline Frowns Imperator At the End of the World
Monday 24/09/2012, 21:45

It seems like 10,000 players online is an average number these days. Was it less or more a few years ago?

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 26/09/2012, 08:30

Well put deepend. hence why i think a meaningful format that purges the old cards needs to happen. lets stop scaring the new people away smiley

offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Wednesday 26/09/2012, 10:59

oo handy site that thx mate.
well, although it does seem as if traffic is going up, from the graphs it's clearly visible that the trend is still going downwards... so perhaps that spike can indeed be explained by what wasteroftime is saying.

i agree with most of what you're saying. It has its fair share of glitches etc, but what game doesn't?
I personally think UR is a good enough game.
Thing is, it's getting old, and people grow away from it. Some new people may come, but as is often the case in most games, some people just don't wanna bother with having to spend real money and/or farm up enough clintz to construct a proper deck.
Try putting on the shoes of a newbie with no money who wants to try out the system first. Imagine having to fight against a proper deck worth 10k clintz (doesn't even have to be one of those "optimal" decks) with the mishmash of cards you get when you start out. Imagine the heartbreak.
Some of us do tough it out long enough to get out of that groove, but it wouldn't be fair to expect everyone to stick with something beyond their attention span if they didn't want to, would it?

Personally i feel it's declining, but i'll be more than happy to be proven wrong.
just remember that all generalizations are wrong and that we shouldn't arbitrarily claim that something we think is true must be the truth

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Wednesday 26/09/2012, 12:08


I can easily adjust to new players. I was one few years back, and I saw is as a challenge and it appealed to me because freeplay did not deny anything.

The thing is... UR is not for everyone, it will never be. One must realize people who keep playing this game and adding to their collection probably have certain mindset - and if this game is dumbed down UR will not be able to compete with attractions suited for 0,5 second attention span people - and neither the old playerbase who have the mindset the "difficulty of lifting off" appeals to. This was very well seen on some not-so-successfull "improvements" that were tried to push to this game.

In one sense the challenge is the key why people keep going here. The balance is not to make it too tight (choke new plaeyers to death by not advancing at all) - or too slack (advancement become meaningless; boredom). That way UR attracts just the right people, the only people who will adopt this kind of game.

Dumbing down this game is same as removing the essential game from this game. Dont do it, then this game would be marginal. It would be abadoned and couldnt hold longtime players in.

What we want and need is more elaborate - but rewarding - challenges to motivate people to get cards and use them smartly. That is adding some more game to the game, and it will bring more serious attention and real players and their recognition.

offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Wednesday 26/09/2012, 14:34

i totally agree with you.

And i apologize, but in no way do i imply that we should dumb it down. I started out the hard way and i enjoyed it because i feel that scrounging up 5k for a half decent deck is the first barrier in UR and it's well worth the effort.

if anything, newbies nowadays have the solo option (vs set computer decks), so they wouldn't have to take hundreds of defeats in that blasted warehouse before getting anywhere like we used to.

imho UR is a gem of a game that provides every newbie a fighting chance to get better without having to spend money on it - quite rare for games nowadays, and if anyone can't stay long enough to get through the first barrier, then it's their loss. I'm just hoping the devs keep making enough profits to keep it running indefinitely. smiley


offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Wednesday 26/09/2012, 20:14


Hehe, I think my reply accidentally shifted from reply to person & subject to more general rant so it sounded a little weird on conversation level, so I think I am the one who should apologize smiley

And yes, this game is far more inviting to new players, my generation did not have even the missions to push out reward for simple tasks. On the other hand the road from 0 to full collection is longer for new players, so they have better start but kind of longer journey ahead.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 26/09/2012, 21:36

Very good thread, impressed with the amount of well-thought out comments here.

I still think that the solution to the problems mentioned here is to give newbies some way to compete quick. It doesn't matter if you're the kind of person that would love UR or not -- many people don't have the time required for the initial grind. A person who is occupied with work or school can't invest 3-4 weeks in a game because it looks like it will *eventually* be a lot of fun...

This is quite easily my favorite game, but that's only because I was able to start building an ELO-competitive collection almost instantly. I apologize in advance if this comes off a bit negative, but I don't know if I would still be here if credits were hard to come by when I joined.

Back to the topic -- there's almost always at least some correlation to traffic and how much interest (as well as money) a site generates. I think that nice spike in traffic definitely means UR is getting more people interested... That is at least a very good step in the right direction.

offline Frowns Imperator At the End of the World
Wednesday 26/09/2012, 23:30

The reason I'm bringing up this is, I'm thinking the number of players might have an effect on the market. Like most people who keep an eye on the prices, we've had A LOT of inflation lately.

Maybe this could be caused by a constant amount of high level players who deal cards for profit but fewer low level players who don't think twice before buying a card? Because let's be honest – for someone to make a good deal, someone else has to make a bad deal at the same time and low level players usually get the short end in these situations.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 27/09/2012, 00:19

@Frowns: I think the rampant inflation was caused by the brief absence of the usual packs from the shop. A lot of seasoned, wealthy players recognized that it would make some old staples much harder to pull out of a low-cost pack, so their availability would decrease... So many of the older "must-have" cards for each clan were bought in troves in an attempt to control the market. Despite the fact that the shop changes were reverted to some extent, old players still ended up with many copies of great cards that it didn't make sense to try to instantly unload. So, here we are.

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Thursday 27/09/2012, 01:17

This might not help a lot, but traffic at is been more or less the same over the last couple of years, with a small increase.

This could represent staying players being more than before, as new ones rarely look at external sites.

offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Thursday 27/09/2012, 04:38

yea, life is indeed a rat race... even for older players - if you don't buy insane amount of credits, you'll find it hard to keep up with all the new releases while still trying to get all the older cards...
and although i can understand how that ever-growing mountain may be off-putting for some, for me personally i enjoy hiking it up slowly and enjoying the view while doing it heheh

i would argue that before there were the solo missions options, giving newbies a proper 2 clan half deck would have been so much better than the mishmash of cards they get from newbie starter packs.
However, since nowadays you can do solo missions and farm up clintz without having to go through hundreds of humiliating defeats, imho newbies nowadays have a much nicer "breaking in"/"learning curve" than what we had to go through 2-3 years ago.

oh, and really great explanation on that inflation bit imho.

going a bit more regarding inflation, personally i feel that design wise UR is really susceptible to inflation - think about it, we get clintz each time we do anything, so even the trade tax could not possibly keep up with the amount of clintz being generated. Sure it seems to add up to quite a bit on those million clintz deals, but for non-credit buying players who do not trade for profit so much and mostly just buy 1 card at a time to complete their collection, trading through the market is only secondary to garnering enough credits to open up packs.


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