offline pumpkin Guru  
Friday 21/12/2007, 09:19

After a period of relative calm, signaled by the arrival in town of a clan determined to protect the local residents, the war has kicked off again with renewed vigor and this week there are at least five different clans getting their hands dirty. The Bangers, who welcome B-Ball and Blaaster to their ranks, are making the most noise, but the Sentinel with Rick, the Junkz with Onik, the GHEIST with Platinum and the Montana with Edd haven't had their last word either.
All these characters are available from the shop’s Action, Cool Attitude, Danger and New Blood packs.

offline 0Vman Titan  
Monday 31/12/2007, 20:29

Not Done yet:

Lets start talking about what clans are coming out with new cards:

Here are some statistics that you may or may not know:
Clan # of Cards In # of Collectors
The New Blood Pack Worth 1 Million Clintz or more
All Stars 0 0
Bangers 2 1
Fang Pi Clang 2 1
Freaks 3 0
Junkz 4 2
La Junta 1 2
Montana 1 1
Nightmare 1 0
Pussycats 2 3
Rescue 14 0
Roots 1 2
Sakrohm 0 1
Sentinel 1 0
Ulu Watu 1 1
Uppers 1 1

offline 0Vman Titan  
Monday 31/12/2007, 20:31

My prediction would be the new clans are going to be All Stars, Sakrohm, Rescue, Roots, Pussycats, and/or Fang Pi Clan

offline TnT-SylntEcho Colossus TRiNiTY
Tuesday 01/01/2008, 07:06

Yahoo........ just got blaaster..............HAPPY NEW YEAR

offline TiTan-Grimgod Legend  
Wednesday 02/01/2008, 01:01

I think its due time for a few new leaders

offline JonelethStar Imperator UpperClass
Wednesday 02/01/2008, 09:50

0Vman LoA, I stopped believing that cards get added to the clans with the least non collector cards. Or stuff like that, clans just get cards to balance them out in the meta-game which would suggest all stars is gonna be waiting a while for new cards. But if my view is correct there wouldn't have been a Colin a few weeks back. and Grimgod if there's going to be new leaders, what abilities will there be? I don't think there's that many useful abilities left to make leaders for.

offline WVMountain Legend  
Wednesday 02/01/2008, 20:36

A new leader could have Courage: Team Stop Ability or Courage Team Stop Bonus in lieu of their normal ability. That may be too powerful though.

offline WVMountain Legend  
Friday 04/01/2008, 16:54

Another possibility for a Leader Card would be Team Poison 2, min 1. Something like Kerry's brother, Dr. Death, turned his back on the Rescue clan by deciding the best way to help humanity is by thinning the herd of its weaker citizens through euphanasia.

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