Sunday 04/11/2012, 17:37

I'd like to trade my Marlysa Cr 0xp (2'1M)

I'm looking for a Dragan Cr (1'2M), I'm only interested in offers that contain it.
I'm also interested in Lamar Cr, but I can accept other cards like Tanaereva Cr, Caelus Cr, Jackie Cr, Alec Cr, Blaaster Cr, Kerozinn Cr, Splata Cr, Vickie Cr, etc. And I can accept cash to complete the offer, but no more than 300-400k.

Thanks Mods smiley

Wednesday 07/11/2012, 14:19

@ 0_Jess: Tessa Cr 0xp + Kerozinn Cr 0xp + Kolos 0xp + 250k...that's about 1'9M, I won't trade it for less than 2M sorry

@ HL__ANGELA__: The 9 Caelus 0xp are even less, so no sorry.

@ 0 ComeAtMe: I want a Dragan Cr but I can trade the Marlysa Cr for other cards if the offer looks good and then look for a Dragan Cr smiley

Thursday 08/11/2012, 15:14


Thursday 08/11/2012, 16:01

It's still less than 1'9M and I rejected that sorry

Thursday 08/11/2012, 22:24

- Kolos + Blaaster Cr full

Friday 09/11/2012, 00:43

New offer 9 caelus 0 exp + blaaster full

Friday 09/11/2012, 01:31

3 Caelus Cr , 2 Jackie Cr 1 Full 1 0xp , 12 Charlie 3 0xp 9full , 4 Heegrn Cr ?

Friday 09/11/2012, 13:54

No sorry, I already got a better offer by pm and traded it


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