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Tuesday 06/11/2012, 19:18

*disclamer* just to start this of i am not some pro l33t player or anything like that and this just my opinion and it is subject to change.

tier 1-

GHEIST their bonus is just so damn stong and well their cards are much better than their counterpart the Roots imo, i dont think they are the best and they have their weakness "like SoB" and their mono decks arent as stong with the recent perma banns

Montana that attack reduction is just insane, they have so many good cards like Mona, Griezzo and Spiaghi probably the best clan, makes a nice mono or half deck

Skeelz so solid good in a half deck, mono and splash does pretty much every thing. nuff said

Piranas before i get started i have to say they are my main "well used to be" their bonus is really good, clans that need it like Rescue and GHEIST are just slaughtered most of their cards have huge power, pill manipulation is real strong Scrubb can just overpill and get away with it. Only down side half deck isnt so strong imo and their perma banns really make a difference.

Vortex their clan bonus is so forgiving and allows you to make huge plays and not geting punished for it, however the main problem is their bonus doent win fights. btw they are on the edge of being top of tier 2 but im nice like that.

ok so thats the end of tier 1 i just wanna say that thats not in any order and that if your favourite clan isnt there tier 2 is still very viable they just have down sides that tier 1 dont.

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Thursday 20/12/2012, 05:13

I agree with you joni to some extent. You need to play (I would recommend) 10,000 or so matches in ELO to have a solid understanding of ELO and what clans go with what. ELO doesn't work by base power, abilities play a huge part (Troompah) and that's why SOA is so popular.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 20/12/2012, 05:47

@ ComeAtMe pretty much nailed it (since you are a good ELO player as well)

but i think vortex definitely has more potential I would say tier 2 or 3.

sakrohm I would put them in tier 7 actually completely COMPLETELY wrecked by SoA at the moment.

la junta is actually usable if you try them. they are fairly balanced as well, and they are pretty solid in each *. I would at least put them in tier 5, think more people should try them they actually work.

frozn is complete crap tier 7 even with kalindra they are still easily countered.

piranas isnt THAT bad they are fairly solid, tier 4/5?

ulu watu is actually pretty great tried them eddie is just friggin awesome. tier 3/4?

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 20/12/2012, 06:21


I don't see why Kitsune or anyone else in this thread being wrong should annoy you. People are wrong every day on a regular basis regarding a very large number of things. You're probably wrong about something yourself, every once in a while.

Kitsune hasn't been aggressive or offensive with his opinions, nowhere does he claim that the 1400+ players are misguided but he is right. He's done a good job of explaining how he's come to his conclusions. What does it matter if some of them are not spot on? Kitsune has interesting things to say.

I love a lot of the discussion that has taken place in this thread, but it is, for a lack of a better word, *confusing* to see some good players taking this so personally.

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Thursday 20/12/2012, 09:56

@The Oracle: Thank you, your not to bad yourself smiley

@ghelas: His point of view very different, some my say a little too different for what ELO is today.

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Thursday 20/12/2012, 10:40

I guess you can say my model is based on my playstyle needs. I value highly the clans that best fullfill the roles of 3- character diminished half, 5- character augmented half, and 8- character mono. Although in general I prefer 5-3 splits to mono. There are also some clans which are very much suited for 4 character 1/2 (Junkz, Pussycats, Vortex and GHEIST come to mind).

The 3 "natural" diminished are Freaks, Skeelz and Vortex. Skeelz barely have a noticeable bonus. Freaks and Skeelz are the two clans that it's lousy to draw a 3-1 split with their bonus. For Vortex, the bonus is nice to have as a strategy option but their topend characters function fine off their nice base stats and abilities. Sometimes I use Pussycats as diminished: Lucy for SOB, Muze for poison, Jayzel for SOA, Lena for a 5* beater. But for Cats, their 2* outside of Lucy are lousy without the bonus.

The augmented 1/2s are those with combat bonuses such as Uppers, Montana, Bangers, Ulu, All- Stars, Piranas, Nightmare and gap bonus with substandard base stats 2*/3* (Jungo, Fang Pi Clang, Frozn). Its possible that this is the biggest cause of different opinion: if you've only tried Uppers or Bangers as mono or 4 character 1/2, you would have a much worse opinion of them.

I've never had the patience to get to 1400 ELO. It takes only about an hour to get to 1200, and another 1-2 hours to get to 1300. No one gets paid to get to 1400. I enjoy 1300+ matches and that is the level that I most consider.

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Thursday 20/12/2012, 14:29

"I've never had the patience to get to 1400 ELO. It takes only about an hour to get to 1200, and another 1-2 hours to get to 1300. No one gets paid to get to 1400. I enjoy 1300+ matches and that is the level that I most consider."

Don't you like a challenge? That's what the whole ELO mode is about, a strategic challenge.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 20/12/2012, 16:34

Lol @kitsune random but you seem like a musician (augmented/diminished chords).

i usually avoid 5-3 splits because for the record you would still want 2-2 split in hands. but yes, the ONLY clan available so far for diminished 3 is pussys, and the MOST doable 3 imo is clover, lucy, leela. damn, I CANNOT emphasize how underrated leela is.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 20/12/2012, 17:41

@Kitsune: "No one gets paid to get to 1400"
...But let's say you win a good Cr.

A pack of cards averages about 13k clintz according to
A pack of cards costs 20 credits, valued at 99 cents.

Winning a Cr worth 1m = sinking about $77 into Urban Rivals... smiley

But, all that aside, you can't really make an accurate tier list based on arbitrary criteria like 1300 ELO play, right? That list might be accurate for you, but not for the typical player.

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Friday 21/12/2012, 07:09

I mean that I often use Jungo from 1000-1200, sometimes I can get to 1200 like 12 wins in a row without a loss. But once I get past 1250 or so then I think it's easy to figure out where Jungo gets exposed: Pegh for instance. For instance, against Junkz, who would you match Pegh against? Qubik? Tremorh? Flanagan? So this is a liability that you figure out through experience.

A 5-3 split gets a 2-2 draw 43% of the time. A 4-4 split is 50%, so it will only make a difference 1/14 hands. However it lets you control which characters can rely on having their bonus while allowing you to play topend characters from two clans. Your augmented 1/2 will get their bonus 93% on the time instead of 72%. Reducing the chance of drawing 3 Freaks from 4/14 to 1/14 is a big improvement. And even in that case, you had a hand of Bogdan, Grudj and Olga (well, not Olga anymore).

I've spent I think $12 on this game...

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Friday 21/12/2012, 08:29

And that why your record hasn't passed 1400 yet. Why would you match Pegh against Qubik, Tremorh or Flanagan? Use a different card (Jean for example). 5-3 splits IMO are stupid. You cannot build a deck that 1 clan completely overpowers the other so much that you need to have uneven splits. The math doesn't matter all that much, luck is part of UR and anything could happen.

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