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Wednesday 14/11/2012, 10:23

Recruiting Members for my Guild HELLION REBELLION. as you would probably have guessed, Im looking for members with a slight "disregard" for authority, and the will to kick some goody goody ASS! without further delay here are the "preferred" requirements for application.

1. Must be a Nightmare, GHEIST, Freaks, Piranas, Sakrohm, or Vortex player
2. Must be at least level 10 or higher
3. Must play at least 3 times a week.
(if you dont meet these fairly simple requirements you can still apply and I will personally message you asking you why you want to join and go over some things and you might be let it.)

Further Details
1. Our guild Motto is: Survival Requires Sacrifice!
2. We will participate in all types of tournaments based on our strengths and weaknesses.
3. We will form not only friendships with fellow Rebels but a sort of Rogue Family if you will...
4. If you wish to leave the guild you will be exiled and blacklisted as our enemy...If your not with us you are against us.

In the battle of Good Vs EVIL.....CHAOS REIGNS SUPREME!!!

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