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Sunday 18/11/2012, 03:34

As the title implies, I looking forward to buy/trade lots (However BIG or small) of Treeman. I'd prefer to trade as my current clints forbid me to buy the no. of Treeman I want, however I can still purchase small lots directly.

Cr Cards I can offer for trade include...

Edd Cr
Amiral Ply Cr
Noodile Cr
Veenyle Cr x2
Blaaster Cr
Caelus Cr
Soleil Crs such as Beltran Cr, Dwain Cr, Selsya Cr and Ombre Cr

The list of normal cards I can offer for trade is irrelevant as I can try to offer most cards (no lots though) apart from Bezerk, Vortex and Frozn (still haven't collected them all smiley).

Prices, T&C etc can and will all be negotiated to willing participants over PM mostly, as I'll be using this thread mainly for updates. However for the sake of price speculation, I value Treeman around 700-800 based on the card I'll be trading.

ps: This offer stands only for 2 weeks as I'll be inactive for months (Training semester FTW!).

pss: I heard there's a rage among collectors collecting old-published cards ... I have the 23166th card published in UR ie. a Jane Ramba Cr, so any interested (high-profile?) collectors can contact me if interested. (One of my guildie made me post this "for the lols" smiley)

gg ... always

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