offline slav.georgiev.3 Senior  
Tuesday 20/11/2012, 12:54

Hey, guys! I started playing the game about two weeks ago, and even though I am starting to grasp the basics of the game, I am still a bloody rookie.

I am most interested in ELO Mode but I struggle with it. My highest ELO so far is 1102 with a mono Bangers deck. But I am not sure I like the Bangers that much, they seem a little shaky.

So, what I am looking for here is for experienced players--people who regularly get over the 1,300 ELO mark, to give me some advice on how to build a competitive deck for ELO.

Now, before you all jump at me, I'd like to point out that:

1. I understand that the specifics of the meta game make it very difficult to lay out a perfect set of rules;

2. I know that between mono- and half-decks, probably at least 15 of the 22 available clans enjoy regular success on a weekly basis and different strategies can be equally viable;

3. I also know that the same one deck can do wonders in the hands of one experienced player, and then perform sub-par in the hands of an equally experienced player with different preferences and tactical approach.

So, what I am basically looking for is general input from experienced deckbuilders that can show me the ropes in regards to the specific requirements of the ELO mode: the rules of thumb on how to create a solid deck that will perform well once I master it, how to tell a good 2*, 3*, 4* or 5* star card from a bad one, how to pick which abilities to favor, etc.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is how you do it.

offline Shanks Guru Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Tuesday 20/11/2012, 19:04

Im no pro but i can tell you what i know.
DRs are helpful as well as an SoA card to stop the cards that affect your life without need of much damage. also having an average power of 7 and cards with abilities that help with winning rounds. depending on your playstyle you may choose to have offensive or defensive bonuses, whatever the case i think that having abilities that do the opposite can help you maintain a versatile deck that will work to the situation. when you first start its good to match up what cards you want to fight each of your opponents cards, then look and think what your opponent would do by putting yourself in there shoes, think "what would i do with his/her hand vs mine" and when your confident in a move take your time to look for a better one(if the time limit permits), so many times i have played and thought a split second after "oh no this is not the best move" and it wasnt, and i got stomped. also if you have enough defense its always safer to put 1 extra pill on you offensive cards/nukes. always keep one nuke at least in your deck unless your deck is so balenced with the cards it has (example: having harvey, coby, and jackson would be solid enough not to have a 5 star nuke) in case of the example you would want to have a card like (for the same deck example) kyle since you could run into some soa problems with cards above. the point there is, soa runs rampant so run some counters there too. hope this helped smiley

offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
Tuesday 20/11/2012, 23:22

AS/Frozen deck with kalindra.

offline slav.georgiev.3 Senior  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 10:00

RaW_Shanks, it is helpful, thank you!

offline Hihihilalala Hero  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 13:41

When choosing the clans for your deck, I think it is important to take note of "how to win" with that particular clan. For example, clans like Junkz and Piranhas focus more like winning 3 out of the 4 rounds while clans like Pussycats and Freaks can focus more on getting a hit through and hiding (behind DRs or walls).
So it would depend on which style of playing you prefer.

offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 17:09

No one said this yet, but i think its very important

first when youre making an elo deck you must look at the banns/unbanns that week
which clan(s) counters the current dominant clans / characters?
which cards counters the current dominant clans/ characters?

for example if askai/ troohmpah is unbanned, maybe u will reconsider using gretchen or eddie
or if there are no or little cards banned from gheist/roots u maybe wont use cards like jautya or coby

offline slav.georgiev.3 Senior  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 17:14

Thank you for the advice. smiley I will have to familiarize myself with the different clans. Also, is there an easy way to track ELO bans as in a history of bans, so that I know which card was banned last week but is unbanned this week, etc?

offline LB_Abnormal Titan  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 18:24

The best key, quickly, to making a good elo/event deck, is looking at your worst case scenarios. You want to minimize this as much as possible. Make your worst hands winnable, and your best hands VERY winnable. Look at your deck, and think "what would happen if it got matched against..."X". Make X any popular deck. Mono roots, freaks, montana, sentinels -- see how they fare against all those. Then, if you can have a fighting chance, or be even ahead most hands, your deck is elo-worthy.

offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Thursday 22/11/2012, 18:51

Btw my name isnt DUC its the clanname im j00p smiley

offline slav.georgiev.3 Senior  
Friday 23/11/2012, 08:38

Thank you for taking the time to respond smiley I took a very hard look at all the cards, and I came up with the following deck based on what RaW_Shanks, Hihihilalala, j00p and LB_Abnormal suggested. I also looked up some ELO public presets.

I came up with this: Flanagan, Gibson, Qubik, Tremorh, Diana, Ivana, Muze, Noemi. I reached 1,200 ELO with it yesterday smiley Now I'm saving up for Clover and Eebiza to replace Noemi and Gibson but that's going to be an uphill battle.

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