offline Goralion Admin  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 12:06

While working on Urban Rivals, since several months we are developing our new title : Fantasy Rivals, a trading card game taking place in a fantasy universe. You will find the game type you like again, but with new game mechanics and an original universe. To be notified when the game is available and to sign in the private Beta which is going to start in the next few days, check out this page now.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 09/12/2012, 20:12

Translated from "They represent the dark side of humanity, why apples are not worth fighting."

Thanks, Google Translate! I think that one is going right into my profile...

offline bencrocker Master  
Sunday 09/12/2012, 23:17

Im about to explode of excitement. xD I think they could have given a few more spoilers of maybe a few characters or something and that might make people even more excited but I dont think thats possible for me! I even made my own cards waiting for the dont I sound sad! smiley

offline Tiki Fluff Master  
Monday 10/12/2012, 01:13

I dont i think its the bugs coz it will defeat the purpose of beta testing. i think there not releasing it yet coz there not done with the programming and stuff. expect the worst...wait for another two weeks....smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 10/12/2012, 10:07

Beta testing is to find small bugs which can happen when loads of people play online (sometimes they might be big). They have internal testing first to catch game breaking bugs as theres no point in having a beta if it freezes on everyone.

Im pritty sure most of the game would be programed by now.

offline Stomper-WMD Titan Wise Men Distracted
Monday 10/12/2012, 13:38

Have they started giving out codes? I see that a few more people joined today (from 335 to 338 players - even though that's not the real number of players).

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 10/12/2012, 13:42

As far as I know they haven't given out any English beta codes.

offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
Monday 10/12/2012, 14:33

W00T Guess who snagged a code?

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 10/12/2012, 15:07

I haven't heard that they have been sent yet. smiley

offline DUC-Erasmus Imperator  
Monday 10/12/2012, 15:28

No codes hve been sent yet

offline PermanatorWMD Titan Wise Men Distracted
Monday 10/12/2012, 18:37


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