offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 12:06

While working on Urban Rivals, since several months we are developing our new title : Fantasy Rivals, a trading card game taking place in a fantasy universe. You will find the game type you like again, but with new game mechanics and an original universe. To be notified when the game is available and to sign in the private Beta which is going to start in the next few days, check out this page now.

offline bencrocker Master  
Wednesday 12/12/2012, 18:23

I wouldn't be annoyed about the wait if they actually told us the truth of when it will come out.

First they said a few days- this made me think it was gonna come out in max. 1 week.
Then they said early next week- this made me think it was gonna come out today latest.

Everyone would complain a lot less if they used coming soon, coming next month, coming before Christmas etc.

But eh it will come out shortly so why complain, we are lucky enough to have a whole new game.

offline DUC-Erasmus Imperator  
Wednesday 12/12/2012, 19:22

OFcourse, but they have to take that into account when making an estimate release date.

offline PinkRose458 Veteran Open Casket
Wednesday 12/12/2012, 22:04

It was nice that they said coming in a few days and next week though.. smiley It tells us that they were almost done. Then something prolly come up that needed fixing. It is perfectly understandable. If it said coming soon, when would that be? I like the way they said it so far. All that is left for me is to hope for a code.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 12/12/2012, 22:56

The important parts of their posts are "should", "hope", "Roughly"

Also "We are still working out various stability and performances issues that we want to fix before letting you all come. We are also finishing the tutorial and it takes a bit longer than expected."

Nowhere have they said it will deffinatly be out at this time.

offline Shanks Guru Event team E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 13/12/2012, 20:13

This has been stated before but needs to be stated again, programming games from scratch takes a LOT of time and effort, just for 1 card you COULD (dont quote me on this) use up a whole page of programming numbers and figures, you just have to be patient im guessing they are working with a limited staff and they are also trying to keep all the players of the current game happy. calm down... good things come to those who wait. smiley

offline Stomper-WMD Titan Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 13/12/2012, 23:38

In the first announcement (23 days ago) there were no "should", "hope", "roughly"...even if there were, those kind of words get your hopes up, and then comes the disappointment when you see there's no code in your email inbox.
We all understand that it takes time, that's not the problem.What's really annoying is the fact that they postponed the release 3 times.

It's similar to those forgotten/dead lotto events.You see the end date (draw date), but it gets postponed.Then the creator says he's going to do the draw in a few days, getting your hopes up, but he still doesn't do it...and so it gets postponed again and again, until you finally give up on that lotto.

offline Mistah Prince Titan Time Conquers All
Friday 14/12/2012, 00:30

Maybe they should have just waited a week or two to make the announcement to avoid all the baw smiley

offline Tiki Fluff Master  
Friday 14/12/2012, 02:27

To forum operator wicer...i think you should close this forum...coz your not respecting my opinion...what's the purpose of this forum if you will not post my previous only post comments that's favorable to you...or comments that's not so will not post my comment coz its extremely rude...let the people read and let them decide if its EXTREMELY RUDE...

offline Eric WMD Novice Wise Men Distracted
Friday 14/12/2012, 04:01

@mielyn; I really agree with ur opinion. I also posted a comment about the late of fantasy rivals a few days ago but then the mods or admins didn't post it. I do not know why and i think this comment isn't posted either. smiley

My previous comment was the number of players in FR cuz i saw the number was increasing but no one in English community got any code yet.

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Friday 14/12/2012, 04:02

That's why they rejected your comment, because it was RUDE. They post all comments that don't have swearing in it, attempts to be rude or offensive or any posts that breaks UR's basic rules. The post clearly crossed one of those boundaries so they rejected the post. In the future use more appropriate language in your posts and they may be accepted.

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