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While working on Urban Rivals, since several months we are developing our new title : Fantasy Rivals, a trading card game taking place in a fantasy universe. You will find the game type you like again, but with new game mechanics and an original universe. To be notified when the game is available and to sign in the private Beta which is going to start in the next few days, check out this page now.

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Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:02

@ Singer Thank you smiley Abyss is a beast clan, from my expierience and what I've seen and managed to analyze, Abyss is Shadow's rivals for top clan, losing only becuase of Shadow's insane and balanced team of cards.

@ Ink Okay smiley Thanks for the support

@ PinkiePie Ask and ye shall recieve smiley

@ Calc Most aren't worth pilling and/or rely on an ability or bonus far too much to actually be reliably used. Ozzy is the safer choice smiley

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Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:05

Okay, round two of "Lets look at "X" clan smiley

(Note: Stats taken are from and may not be accurate, or may be changed before release)

Another disclaimer: If you have a different opinion of a card, feel free to say so. I tend to be narrow-minded when looking at cards, I could've missed something. Now, for:


2* Lineup

Astalfus: 5/2, Attack +8 / Confidence: Damage +2 // This card doesnt look all to strong, weak damage (Without bonus), lower-than-average power, conditional bonus... His non-conditional attack manip might help you force mana or sneak in a win vs. a DR (Since he has such low damage to start with smiley). Its an alright card, but since Clenonice exists, I dont forsee it getting much play since Attacker: is an easier condition to pull off.

Celia: 6/3, -1 opp. damage min. 3 / Defeat: Heal 1 Max. 10 // By far the best DR implemented in the game (So far). Able to block 6 damage (If you get hit hard enough, and I understand the mechanics of the game well enough lol) on turn one, it doesnt stop there. Celia has average base stats for a 3*, so it just adds another layer of guessing on top of it. Should definately be the first 2* you put in your deck. I suppose a downside is that the max is 10 which is a little low, but overall just one monster of a blocker.

Clenonice: 5/4, No Ability / Attacker: +7 attack // A decent card for low mana battles, her damage is nice for a 2*, but attacker: makes her (...)

offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:06

(...) predictable, and the 5 power makes it hard (But not impossible) to win most high-mana battles.

Lucius: 7/1, Attacker: Damage +1 / -2 opp. damage min. 2 // A virtual 7/2 with ability, he also has some DR in case he loses. Personally, I don't see the point in using mana for just 2 damage, maybe putting 1 or 2 mana might sneak him by, but otherwise all he has over all the other 2*s is his ability to (In a pinch) high mana wall. Aside from Celia, the only other 2* that can DR. Lucius is a good card, its just that the other 2*s beat him at his niche, and for an extra star you have Lars.

Meletios: 6/2, SOB / Defender: Damage +1 // This card is extremely significant since its the only non-conditional SOB the clan has. On a defender turn, the card is 6/3, which are solid stats for a 3 star (Keep in mind Meletios is only 2 smiley) and SOB can block out some nasty poisons (Anoda, anybody?) or + damage (Thats right, Tokal). Quite usable without the bonus.

Overall: Empire (Quite like Abyss) have some really useful utility 2*s, althought they're much more predictable. Celia and Meletios stand out the most, for both having amazing base stats for their tier and for the defensive abilities/bonus, keeping your opponent guessing. Astalfus is a card I'd advise staying away from.

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Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:06

3* Lineup

Eoko: 7/3, Confidence: +8 attack / Damage = damage of opponent // Damage = Damage of opponent isn't my favourite ability, and the conditional attack manip make this card sub-par. Really nothing to say but stay away from this card, unless you run into Olfen Dur or another high damage card.

Ermos: 6/4, Attack +4 / Attacker: Copy bonus // Such a strange card, as it has really good damage, but the average power and minimal attack manip make it look weak-ish, but Attacker: COB can level the playing field, and having to use a few extra mana won't hurt too much since this card has a meaty 4 damage.

Lars: 8/2, Defender: Attack + 10 / -2 opp. damage min. 1 // I really like this card, on a defending turn it forces your opponent to use mana, and then reducing his/her damage by 2. Even though Empire has a ton of DR cards, this one along with Celia are the most optimum to use.

Octavius: 7/3, No Ability / - 2 opp. damage min. 2 // smiley Almost like Yookie, except less damage and no SOA. Keep in mind "normal" cards are much weaker than in UR, its just that not having an ability really hurts this card. That being said, his base stats are above par for a 3*, and not having to worry about SOA (Or SOB really either), this card is solid... Just not impressively so. Sadly, he lacks a real niche in the 3* department: Lars can DR much better than him (Lower min and forcing pillz) and...

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Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:07

Selna: 7/2, Attacker: -2 opp. damage min. 1 / +1 life per damage // This card gaps better than Octavius, along with having an, albiet conditional, DR ability, really just outclassing him almost every way. Gaps 8 with fury, which is quite a large gap, along with taking into account thier great defensive cards, definately enough to put a game out of reach. Slight con though: Heal and + life, they dont go well together, so beware with Celia or Heraxyn.


The cards are really solid, and most have a DR failsafe in case they dont make it through. Ermos, Lars, and Selna are the ones that stand out compared to the other cards. If you've played/been playing UR for awhile now, these cards look lackluster on paper, packing low damage and tons of DR, but its quite deceptive. Selna can gap for 4 with a solid 7 power, from my experience people just give up on trying to get over Lars attack manip (Or get caught off-guard when he's 1 pilled), and Ermos's damage is high for its star count. Thier 3* lineup is like duct tape: Not pretty but gets the job done.

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Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:07

4* Lineup

Eanie: 6/5, Confidence: attack +10 / Confidence: -2 opp. life min. 3 // On a confidence turn, this card is quite a force to be reconed with. 6 power and - 10 attack are hard to deal with, and after losing the previous round your opponent will be scrambling to stop this card from going through. The 7 gap is way above average for this star count, but the confidence really holds it back (But then again 6/5 - 10 opp. attack / -2 opp. life min. 3 would be overpowered). In the right deck build, definately a good card. Helps with the slightly lower damage cards in the clan.

Justinius: 7/4, Revenge: +8 attack / -2 opp. life min. 1 // I'd prefer this card to Eanie, however it comes down to player choice. In high mana fights, this card is easier to get through than Eanie, revenge is easier to get than confidence, and its a 7/6 (Essentially) on every turn (Whereas Eanie is a 6/5 on a non-confidence turn). If the deck needs that extra gap in exchange for flexibility, Eanie would be the choice, but for most people this card is just easier to handle.

Lydia: 7/5, No Ability / Defeat: +2 life // The base stats are nice, the DR can confuse the opponent as to whether its going to be used to bluff or attack... But really, just use Pelearth. Probably a good 4 star for beginners since Pelearh exists for more experienced/rich players.

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Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:08

Pelearh: 7/4, +2 life / -2 opp. damage min. 1 // Boy, Empire's 4 stars sure look a lot alike lol. The + 2 life coupled with the DR make it quite ambigous, however, this card has nothing helping it win (Although that 7 power is quite nice). Offensively, Eanie and Justinius are both more viable, but if your centering your deck around defense, this card has its place in your deck.

Tiberius: 6/3, Defender: SOB / +2 life per damage // Who does this remind you of? smiley A glass cannon, he can gap for 9 with no fury, and 16 with fury! Combined with Empire's great DRs this card can really sting if it gets through. Defender: SOB makes him slightly predictable, seeing as if you try to catch them off guard by using him first... Well, they won't be too suprised. The unassisted (Aside from the SOB) 6 power isn't *that* hard to get through with, but there are cards that can block him easily.


Most have a life gap of 6+, but may have a hard time to win the round. Justinius is the most solid and practical choice, but don't discount all of them; Tiberius is a glass cannon, and unopposed can win games by himself, and Pelearh fits nicely into a defensive-orientated deck. Their 4 star lineup is all over the board, but manage to get nearly everything they set out to do done.

offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:08

5* Lineup

Ann: 7/5, +8 attack / Attacker: + 12 attack // This card is really the odd one out. Empire, as a whole, has a bunch of gap cards and DRs, but few attack manipulators. This card solves that, but not quite the raw damage problem. Sure, +20 attack is powerful. Sure, 5 damage is decent for a 5 star. But... Its just not astounding. That being said, of all the 5 stars this clan has, its the easiest to win with and it packs (lol hyperlink) an alright punch. I can see it getting use, since Lars is the only "easy" conditional attack manip they have.

Heraxyn: 7/4, Heal 2 mac 15 / Attack + 12 // With the right deck, possibly the best 5 star. If I recall correctly, heal stacks (So you can have Celia and this beast healing you at once), and his solid 7 power, tolerable 4 damage and the beefy + 12 attack really shove this guy up into beast tier. *However* there are a few problems between this guy and the clan. + Life and Heal mix about as well as Poison and - life. Hitting with Tiberius and then with this guy might make a huge gap (And it does) but the + life and heal interfere with each other. I suppose, just be careful. Oh, and SOA hurts a lot.

Hermocrates: 7/5, Revenge: Power +2 / Damage +2 // This card and Voel are quite similar, with this one being a bit more shaky but getting an extra +2 power. I'd prefer Voel for the solidness, but this card does just as well. Quite useable.

offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:08

Voel: 7/7, Protection: Damage / -3 opp. damage min. 1 // It's striking as a powerhouse that can bring 7 damage through, and even more tempting seeing as the base damage of the clan is rather weak(ish). However, it's unaided in combat (But again, 7 power can hold its own) and losing with a heavy hitter like this isn't reccomended... Still a good card, solves some overall problems in the clan but is prone to others.


Thier 5*s fix a lot of the problems all the other cards have: namely damage and attack manip. In the right deck, Heraxyn is the top 5*, but otherwise Ann and Voel/Hermocrates should be your go-to 5*s. They really lack any stand-out cards in this area, but the ones they have should more than suffice.

All in all:

Extremely defensive. Most of thier cards lack major base damage, but make up for it with every second card having a DR of sorts (Exadderation). Strangely enough, this clan is literally bi-polar. The cause? That + life and heal really dont work together, but with Justinius and Ann being able to work with both sides of the clan, the choice of Tiberius vs. Heraxyn doesnt really have an answer. Sure, you could use both, but they'll be tripping over each other to get at your opponent. The clan can neutralize some high damage threats (Draken and Shadow, namely) and put other not-so-damagaing clans (Other Empire and Alliance) on damage-lockdown, this clan, like Pussycats, are all about damage control.

offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
Saturday 05/01/2013, 22:09

The only thing holding them back is the low base damage, the two-face identity crisis, and no jaw dropping 5 or 4 stars. I'd say they're somewhere in the middle of the pack. They're just a card like Tokal or Olfen Dur away from dethroning Abyss and becoming Shadow's rival for the top clan.

Thank you for reading. And thanks mods smiley

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