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Sunday 02/12/2012, 18:00


I'm searching for the following cards (ordered by Clan) number after arrow indicates price:
Nathan -> 910/each (at least 50)
Saki -> 5300/each (at least 20)
Bubbles -> 650/each
Sprinter -> 1200/each
Bertha -> 325/each (at least 50)
Jean -> 3500/each
Benicio -> 1700/each (maximum 15)
Fizzle -> 700/each
Milena -> 310/each
Uchtul -> 11000/each
Ghumbo -> 22000/each
Nistarok -> 4000/each
Edwin -> 800/each
Baba -> 450/each
Ellie -> 260/each
Treeman -> 1000/each
Tuck -> 3600/each
Alister -> 375/each (at least 100)

Dr. Falkenstein -> 3000/each
Fanny -> 1750/each

In Return I can offer the Following Cards/lots(whuich can be split up)
Splata Cr -> Full: 570k
Nahi Cr -> Full: 185k
Jackie Cr: -> 6x Full:200k/each 1x 0XP:220k
Veenyle Cr: 5x 0XP: 23k/each
Caelus Cr: 4x 0XP: 185k/each
Edd Cr: 19x Full/0XP: 40k/each
Noodile Cr: 8x 0XP: 22k/each 58x Full: 21k/each

60x Jessie: 5300/each
280x Gretchen: 1450/each
23x Kerry: 11k/each
17x Graksmxxt: 60k/each
16x Hawk: 12k/each
10x Kolos 0XP: 56k/each
2x Kolos Full: 54k/each

All Prices are of course negotiable

I'm looking forward to see your post here or your message in my inbox.

Have a nice day & thanks to the Admins =)

offline TB Bukowski Titan The BeSharps
Wednesday 05/12/2012, 16:36

No, thanks

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