Saturday 22/12/2007, 23:36

The reserve price:-
Miss Chloe=6000..she is maxed
Gaia=9000..she is level 1..i think she is 0xp..not sure though..
the auction will last until 29 december..
happy bidding..smiley

Friday 28/12/2007, 02:12

Xteritz are winning for Miss Chloe..
ps: xavier thanx for supporting..smiley

Friday 28/12/2007, 13:41

Well the auction will close at 2.41 am New Zealand time..smiley

Friday 28/12/2007, 15:51

I'm closing this auction at 10 minutes after this message is posted(i meant is on the thread..)

Friday 28/12/2007, 18:11

The auction is officially closed..smiley xavier wait for your Gaia at 10k..
xteritz wait for your Miss Chloe or 8.3k..

i need to do sumthing before putting it into your private sale..smiley so just wait until about 12pm and your card will be there..smiley


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