offline RoCkiZTa Novice  
Sunday 23/12/2007, 09:00

1 week!!!!!!!!!!!
--AUCTION starts at 100 clintz--
--AUCTION will ends on Jan. 3--

The Greatest Prize will buy!

offline BLUEZAIDO Novice  
Monday 24/12/2007, 11:57

I buy your Eyrton for 2.5k

offline XKhunter1476 Veteran the courtyard of shadows
Monday 24/12/2007, 15:26

Blue Zaido: stop making extremely high bids hat you most likely don't have.

offline zenngwapo21 Novice  
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 10:20

I buy Oyoh for 4k and Eyrton for 3k

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 10:48

@ are just making yourself look like a are just a level 4 with 4 fights and 1 don't have the amount you're trying to bid..stop making yourself look like a fool by not messing around other people's threads..

offline fubu09 Hero  
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 17:41

2559 clintz

offline RoCkiZTa Novice  
Thursday 27/12/2007, 02:08

Ok, BlueZaido stop that!!!!!! Tha auction will in start at 2,000 each ok?

offline Tinuvial Titan  
Thursday 27/12/2007, 13:18

Oyoh 2000

offline Bralbuc Titan  
Friday 28/12/2007, 01:28

4.4k both

offline RoCkiZTa Novice  
Friday 28/12/2007, 03:23

Don't believe to Xteritz. He or She didn't buy my Allstars

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