offline Goralion Admin  
Wednesday 02/01/2013, 16:07

The following cards have been permanently added to the list of characters banned in ELO:
- Yookie (Roots)
- Olga (Freaks)
- Askai (Jungo)
- Azel (Nightmare)
- Muze (Pussycats)
- Robb Cr (All Stars)
- Kalindra (Frozn)
- Dolly (GHEIST)

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offline 0 avist Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 20/12/2012, 21:09

Why not ban every card in the game at this rate. Honestly yookie, Muze, and Robb cr don't belong on that list. Even azel is a far shot from a ban I think

offline 0 Nomi Titan  
Friday 21/12/2012, 05:33

So, reading through these comments i wonder if half the people that commented actually play ELO.

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Friday 21/12/2012, 12:01

Banning yookie won't hurt too much, roots still have enough 3* to play, if you're hurt by the ban and feel like roots cant be played now its proof that he was too powerful (which isn't true but still we can work around it)
Olga is a bit annoying since I love freaks but she is actually very strong and like roots they have enough 3* to cover, so it hurts but it's justified
Askai obviously needed this he was very very annoying, but I'd say troompah is worse, either way good call
Azel I guess is justified, I personally haven't used her since 2010 but I know people do and her poison is quite large
Muze I see no problem with, I don't use her in my pussy decks but they were getting popular and muze was getting annoying but even if she wasn't banned I wouldn't complain
And now for Robb cr
He's a 3* surrounded by lots of great 3* and he's a cr so new players don't have him as much.... Why not ban saki or marina who actually make allstars hell to play against (or easy to win with) I don't see the point in this at all

offline KR8NUX Veteran  
Friday 21/12/2012, 13:40

People being hurt by a yookie and a muze ban, does not reflect the fact that he/she is powerful. It merely means they are decent options and without them you pretty much lose the point of playing, especially in the roots.

Yes there are substitutes, but nothing makes a solid statement as a 3* as Yookie did. and you talk of powerful cards, there are always certain decent ones on which you base your deck. See, like bangers have beeboy, allstars have marina etc. Yookie was one of those cards who made playing roots a viable option. HE IS A CARD WHICH IS PRESENT IN EVERY SINGLE DECENT ROOTS DECK. You remove him, you lose the point of playing with roots pretty much. Not completely, but Pretty Much.

offline KR8NUX Veteran  
Friday 21/12/2012, 13:45

You know, I play League of Legends and we have a funny joke "Lets Nerf Irelia"

Thats what i see is happening here. "Lets Nerf Roots"
Bangers got an overpowered 5 * ? "Lets Nerf Roots"
Allstars got a robb cr replacement ? "Lets Nerf Roots"

UR wants people to go over to FR ? "Lets Nerf Roots"

available 0 KILLIC Colossus Open Casket
Friday 21/12/2012, 20:35

Banning bogdan is better than banning olga. freaks still have grudj as a good 4*. but if you ban olga mhmm no other replacement that is worth it for her

offline Frowns Imperator At the End of the World
Friday 21/12/2012, 22:00

Honestly, Roots have a bunch of really good 3* already. They'll be fine.

If only UR would give them a good 5* as well. smiley

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Friday 21/12/2012, 23:41

Mmmmmaaaaaaaybe UR staff just decided that a clan full of SoA DR was a bit rough, and decided to convert them to a clan of SoA attack manip (which is still rough, but at least needs 2 hits to win?)

offline PinkRose458 Veteran Open Casket
Saturday 22/12/2012, 05:19

The ban may make things more interesting though... even if they aren't really dangerous cards... without having the option to use them, it makes people change their deck and strategies.

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Saturday 22/12/2012, 15:48

Just a side note: when was the last time a card was taken OFF the ban list... its getting quite big and lets be honest some cards are weaker now

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