offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Thursday 20/12/2012, 13:06

We have a lot of ideas for Urban Rivals, and it's can be difficult to know what you really expect from us, fortunately, we have the message board smiley Your comments on the Cr auctions helped us a lot to evaluate this project. We decided to put it aside until we can solve most (if not all) of the issues that appears. Today we'd like to continue this discussion and talk about 2 other features.

Among the features we have in mind for Urban Rivals, there are 2 that we'd like to know what you think of. Tell us which project should be our priority, according to you.

First idea : A new game mode allowing you to bet on your match

How would it work : The player would purchase tokens with their credits and bet these tokens in their games against other players, to get more tokens. Player would be able to exchange tokens for credits whenever they want, at the following rate : 10 credits = 1000 tokens.

The player would be able to bet 100, 500 or 1000 tokes per game. Winning rates increases with the number of tokens played.

100 tokens : Winner gets 160 tokens, loser gets 10. In case of draw both get 85 tokens. Kate takes 30 Tokens (15%)
500 tokens : Winner gets 850 tokens, loser gets 50. In case of draw both get 450 tokens. Kate takes 100 tokens (10%)
1000 tokens : Winner gets 1800 tokens, loser gets 100 tokens. In case of draw both get 950 tokens. Kate takes 100 tokens (5%)

If a player forfeits, quits or expires the game, his opponent wins the game

The deck format would be restricted, maybe not ELO (even though it's our idea at the moment) but certainly a format excluding the most unbalanced cards.

Second project : A new design of the character cards
The cards haven't changed in a very long time. We'd like to change them in order to bring more focus to the clan and the rarity, we also think of adding a background behind the character. Tell us what you think of the cards as they are now and wether we should change them.

That's it. It's your turn now!

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Saturday 22/12/2012, 06:48

Neither idea seems terribly exciting to me...

The betting system doesn't seem like something I would enjoy.

While I think the cards could use a facelift visually, I think the goal of making rarity and clan more obvious is confusing. A character's rarity and clan are already quite visible.

offline Knight Spawn Hero  
Saturday 22/12/2012, 07:12

Thats why a Ninja is called a Ninja, because he is trained to watch his opponent
very closely. the card logo or sign stay the same for that clan, the logo im talking
about is on whatever outfit you buy for your character, shirt, pants, shoes etc. only
your character change. the fun part is when you see the same card in the market
with the character having a different look, maybe going for the same price. so their
is nothing to fear.. UR will make more money & all of us will have more fun...

offline Knight Spawn Hero  
Saturday 22/12/2012, 08:06

Here is another fun part to this idea, not only will you see the same character
in the market with a different look for sale, you will also play other players with
the same clan with the character having a different outfit than your own. to me
thats fun to be able to express your character the way you want to..

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Saturday 22/12/2012, 10:30

@HoA Zero

I believe this is about people shying away from the potential losses, they simply dont like the idea of gambling and losing and/or are afraid of fraud. I think this is where they let their personal opinion affect their judgement and they want to supress this thing also from those who would enjoy it, even if they could just not participate.

In this regard I think the betting scene should do 3 things to remove as much side-effects and discontent from rest of the game as possible:

1) Not deliver additional prizes nor have related missions. This is so there is absolutely zero reasons to play betting modes if you dont like the risks. Also keep the hard stats at minimum so there is no need to "stats-racing"

2) Make it clear when entering the betting zone that betting is fundamentally different from rest of the game. Its an "pleasure island" of like-minded gamblers and people who are not comfortable in idea of losing clintz when they lose games are strongly suggested not to participate. Something like "I accept this and I am aware I might lose clintz if I say yes" confirm box.

3) Make the betting zone not interact with any other game modes, nor update the missions while playing bets, so it essentially would not make any difference to rest of the game if you play or dont play the bets. Also make it known that betting will stay forever in its island and it will never concern rest of the game modes.

offline Knight Spawn Hero  
Saturday 22/12/2012, 13:41

DeepEnd, your idea sounds good. im for it...

offline (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Saturday 22/12/2012, 14:17

I hope every one remembers that the game developers have a budget that they work with, they will not spend any more money than is needed to create this new game. It is safe to say they will implement/combine this new mode with what is already here. I just hope that there is a type 2 format and a Elo format: Elo Betting Zone would have 3 betting groups to choose from 100, 500,1000

offline (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Saturday 22/12/2012, 14:23

Re: in the Elo Betting Zone you can have all the Elo rules and restriction that are already established and in the Type 2 Betting Zone three betting groups 100, 500, 1000 there would be no rules and restrictions just one rule : no doubles .

offline Knight Spawn Hero  
Saturday 22/12/2012, 14:54

For the (outfit type option) the game developers must spend money
in order to make more money, this is a business, a store you can
go to, to dress your characters on an individual level. how cool is that?
you can only change outfits per character, once a month. so when you
go to the store, you might want to buy more than 1 item for your character.
that way the store is never flooded...

offline Knight Spawn Hero  
Saturday 22/12/2012, 16:57

All items can be sold back to Kate at any time, in exchange for clinz, i know
you get less than what its worth but thats business, Kate can now put that
item back in the store for full price. hey im cool with that, that is your item, your
choice if you sell to Kate. most players i imagine will keep whatever item they
bought for their character or characters, either way, its still your choice...

offline Knight Spawn Hero  
Sunday 23/12/2012, 02:50

Is everyone still mad at me? im trying to get some feed back
on this (outfit type option)...

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