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Sunday 23/12/2012, 15:43

We'll become the first champions in all categories.
We are an international guild,with players from UK,italy,US and much more.
Just ask if you think you have the makings of a true and winning champion. smiley
If you want to become champion, just ask in this guild grow together, all together, and we get more and more upward to become the best there is on Urban Rivals.
Our key word and word of honor is "WE CAN,ALL TOGETHER". : D

The requirements to enter are the following:

- Knowledge and use of the English language;
- Level minimum is ( 20 );
- Education;
- Sportsmanship;
- Want to have fun and Want to reach the champions top in all categories:
These are Elo , Tourney , Survivor Elo , Survivor Extended and Deathmatch smiley

If you are interested in taking a look at our Guild, the link is:


Please, we want serious people available who wants to fight to reach the "top" of European and world rankings of Urban Rivals, we will have fun together, winning though! : D

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