Saturday 29/12/2012, 02:42

Looking for a Vickie Cr here is what you can choose for the trade: (like a pick n mix) please keep in mind i value her at 598000

275,000 cash
Ongh (51k)
Troompah (7k)
Kolos (51k)
Brianna (2.5k)
Lady (20k)
Dr Falkenstein (2.7k)
Grakzmtt (59k)
Uranus (25k)
Hriger (4.3k)
Rodney (1k)
Ranesh (1.9k)
Flanagan (988 clints)
Dreen (0.5k)
Morphun (8.4k)
Leela 0xp (1.1k)
2 times Lilou (212 clints each)
Murray (1.5k)
Gaia (2.3k)
Hefty (9k)
2 times Gus (1.4k each)
Tyd (1k)
Talijion (1k)
Baha (0.38k)
Kronnen 0xp (0.7k)
Lovhak 0xp (1k)
Lovhak (0.97k)
Benicio (1.8k)
Buba (0.78k)
Vladimir (1.2k)
Mok (0.4k)
Darth (0.77k)
Jean (3.1k)
Mindy (1.2k)
Pegh (2.7k)

As i said its a pick n mix pm me for faster responce thank you smiley

Saturday 29/12/2012, 02:50

Sorry Uranus is 31k

Saturday 29/12/2012, 02:53

Got another Lady to add i value her at 20k

Saturday 29/12/2012, 03:12

Are you interested in Elvis?

Saturday 29/12/2012, 14:51

No because i'm buying vickie


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