offline HolyWizy Titan  
Monday 24/12/2007, 16:13

Trading FULL set of Nightmare all 19 out 19 Cards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not Take Clintz !!!

I will trade only for the best one Card CR offer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please PM or post your Offers here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

offline HolyWizy Titan  
Tuesday 25/12/2007, 19:29

All my Cards MAXED !!! and i m looking for only 1 Good CR

offline The-Girl-eVo Senior  
Tuesday 25/12/2007, 19:52

For those all cards you can get Dragan or Melissa

offline Pyro HoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 25/12/2007, 21:44

He could definitely do better than Melissa or Dragan for the entire Nightmare clan. =/ Ambrose and Ombre together are worth over 100k Clintz.

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 02:33

I think GirlyLV is right..a Dragan, Melissa, or Marlysa can cover it..not all Nightmare cards are worth it you know..aside from Estalt, the second page is where you can find only the expensive cards from Nightmare..the total is just well over 200k and surely less than 300k..

offline HolyWizy Titan  
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 04:31

IF i wont Get any Resonable offer buy January,01,2008 .. I will closs this threat and I wont trade this collection any more !!! So if you out there collectors you have a couple of days left beffor i m clossing this Deal !!!!!smileysmileysmiley

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 07:27

Prices are based from the market price when I made this post. Prices for Nightmare cards are at minimum for maxed cards.

Cell - 199
K Cube - 189
Melluzine - 215
Elixir - 235
Endora - 295
Hel - 395
Candy Jack - 478
Mojo - 640
Sheitane - 949
Estalt - 1499
Dieter - 2500
Nistarok -3900
Ielena - 5900
Timmy - 6000
Kenny - 12996
Thaumaturge Cr -26148
Dwain Cr -28000
Ombre Cr -55554
Ambrose Cr - 80000

Total Amount = 226092

Holywiz is expecting something near this amount. Good luck hope you find someone who can offer you something that you will like.

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 08:12

Dwain Cr +Thautmartage Cr + Ambrose Cr + Ombre Cr= More than 180,000

offline nova conta Hero  
Thursday 27/12/2007, 00:17

I think he already knows the prices, stop doing that and give him a good cr card...

offline HolyWizy Titan  
Saturday 29/12/2007, 16:28

Reviving the Topic ... Still have some time left till January 01, 2008

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Saturday 29/12/2007, 16:54

I thing how has a expensiv cr card didnt need too trade for all this cards good luck for a good deal

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