offline Boris Unbound Titan  
Sunday 06/01/2013, 06:40

This is a place of gathering for Clint City's creatures of the night. Although players of all clans are welcome the general theme of the guild is inspired by the Nightmare clan.

So, if you need a place to hang out until the sun sets come join the guild. We are dying to have you!

***All levels are welcome***
***English language only***
***Must be mature and respectful of others***

You will enjoy:

***Clan based/story driven guild only events with prizes!***
***Occasional incentive and random giveaways***
***Guild lottery***
***A dynamic and creative environment with input from all***

So come join and surrender to your inner most evil and you will understand


offline Boris Unbound Titan  
Sunday 06/01/2013, 13:50

This is a new guild with high ambitions. Come join and help make it special! All players and levels are welcome!

offline (JD) Guru Legends of the Dark
Monday 07/01/2013, 05:06

Nightmare theme guild:1886330 sounds good join now

offline SCOPExKING Senior  
Monday 07/01/2013, 11:18

Sounds cool, I'm kind of a nooby. I barley got this game but I would love to join

offline Boris Unbound Titan  
Tuesday 08/01/2013, 02:34

Hello All!

Come join my new guild!

I still need a couple more people to join to launch the guild. I promise a unique guild with innovative ideas and concepts!

The first in game competition is set to launch once a couple more people join. To participate in this competition all you have to do is play the game you love..... and you can win free cards!

offline Boris Unbound Titan  
Tuesday 08/01/2013, 02:46

Evening all!

Come join my new guild where innovation and creativity will be our motto!

There is a beta guild lottery in place and the first guild competition is ready to kick off once a few more people join. To win free
cards all you have to do is play the game you love and rack up guild points.

Please join. I truly think we can make this special......smiley

offline Kenpachi602 Guru Nightmares Endless Requiem
Tuesday 08/01/2013, 04:19

Ill join see whats up...

offline Wow Much Name Senior  
Tuesday 08/01/2013, 14:24

I'll be honest, this has to be the only guild i've seen that likes the nightmare clan. I'll be happy to join!!

offline neon888 Senior  
Wednesday 09/01/2013, 05:54

I am also joining

offline all4fun Master the wildcards
Friday 11/01/2013, 20:17

Hey you guys should join "the wildcards" its a new guild who takes in new players. just message me.

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