offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 06/01/2013, 16:52

Hey guys so I will just start us off. I dont get how lizbeth is on top of the charts??? I mean for 1 less damage, you get lulabee, which is FAR more stable than lizbeth. I know, different clans, but Ulu is not that bad by themselves. + there are many replacements, and lizbeth is what, like 60k? this is ridiculous.

I think Dorian is quite borderline as well, uppers can still do pretty well without him. Herman, hefty, even lady are all replacements for dorian, i mean i know he is strong against SoA, but thats it!. Herman is actually more threatening than dorian in many matchups minus gheist/roots.

offline Fotakou Imperator  
Sunday 06/01/2013, 17:35

I also don't like that Ongh is really high,especially now that I got him and put him into my deck smiley I don't know what you guys say,but it seems to me that with Askai,Slyth permabanned,Troompah banned and Ongh's percentage rising,Jungo will probably get used as a half deck and not in mono.

At least to the ELO I play at(which is low) Piranas are common and since our decks are less than great a sudden Lizbeth can deal awfully lot of damage. So it looks like the ban is mostly from us noobs,than people that are knowledgeable enough

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 06/01/2013, 18:06

Lizbeth is definitely ban-worthy, IMO. Lulabee is much worse -- not only 1 less damage, but she is in an unstable, low-damage clan, while all of Lizbeth's clanmates have SoB to help them win rounds against attack/power manip clans. Compare Lizbeth to Beeboy: CoB is valued at about the same as SoB. Unopposed, they are basically the same card. Beeboy can't be touched by SoA, Lizbeth can only be touched by ability SoA. She is just a little bit worse than Beeboy, but again, she is in a better clan.

I personally have no issues with Dorian. He is a very strong card, but with a lineup where most of the strong cards suffer greatly from SoA (Nellie, Oxen, Kazayan...) it's good to have one rock-solid card.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Monday 07/01/2013, 00:43

@fotaku ulu watu is an uprising clan, they actually have quite solid/strong cards. fanny, eugene, eddie, numar/lulabee makes a strong half deck, albeit with fairly low damage. lizbeth is practically unusable against SoA. 6/4? not even worth winning, and she is also faced with fierce competition, ALL usable and good 5*s.

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Monday 07/01/2013, 02:34

I guess lizbeth is border-line ban because she has great chemistry with the piranas who are a clan that are good with winning rounds on low stars but can't put the game out of reach..or if it can be done with a certain degree of difficulty.With Lizbeth you have that play making 5 star that allows you to gap comfortably and hit with a low star.

About dorian..i dont know if he deserves the ban...he's solid and has all around power damage and attack reduction,which is probably one of the best all around attacking cards in elo right now,but i cant put my finger on it..maybe it's that he doesnt have an ability..he doesn't really seem to be a playmaking card.And for those that say that he brings stability to the uppers,i remember when the uppers were getting tough releases a few years ago,i sure didn't see his name being drawn for bans.

offline Scrub4Lyfe Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Monday 07/01/2013, 02:37

Ulu Watu is an underrated clan like the oracle said, with the addition of Fanny and Eugene they finally have some better options. Not to mention Buck is often overlooked as a solid option with strong damage. Better then Numar imo. Lizbeth is not as strong as people think she is, she loses the 5 star spot to Selma in my opinion.

offline AGPrinz Titan The BeSharps
Monday 07/01/2013, 03:42

I really like this topic.

Wee Lee is deserving of an unban, since mirana is strictly better.

Arkn might be

Spyke could be, since berserk suck so hard.

Striker could be, although im sure hed still be extremely strong.

I wouldnt mind seeing zatman and dorian switched, tbh.

Dolly might be slightly too strong.

Saki can be pretty rough, not sure if ban worthy.

Futoshi LD needs an immediate ban.

Id like to see artus banned.

Quibik and tremorh or the new junkz 3 * need ban (forgot her name)

Also, mono junta is very strong right now, just saying.

Avola or mona id like to see gone.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Monday 07/01/2013, 07:35

@ Prinz:

Wee Lee: Agreed
Arkn: Agreed
Spyke: Nope, this dude just needs a good replacement.
Striker: Only if you want to see AS become completely dominant.
Zatman and Dorian switch: Meh. Dorian is a good card, but he doesn't feel OP by today's standards.
Dolly: She is banned.
Saki: Good 3*, not ban worthy with Robb gone. CoB has about the same value as SoB. Shifou is better -- but CoB is still new and people are intimidated by it.
Futoshi Ld: Nope. If you feel that he is OP, stop playing Montana all the time. That is literally the only the only thing that could make him seem OP. smiley
Artus: Nope. NM have poor round-winning power, so they need a DR. If you are comparing him to Piranas bans... Piranas have great round-winning power, and any one of their pesky low-star cards can deny damage better than Artus. No deal.
Junkz: Nope. They have some strong cards with low damage. If you are getting beat by Junkz, it's most likely because they're hard to read due to having same-ish damage. Also, if you haven't seen enough Romana to remember her name, she does not deserve a ban. New rule: if you can't instantly think of a card's name, it's not banworthy. smiley
Mono Junta: Waht... Did the one guy in the entire game running Mono Junta beat you last week?
Avola: I'm with you on that one. If Avola goes, Mona is welcome to stay, though.

offline Fotakou Imperator  
Monday 07/01/2013, 09:09

@the oracle, completely agreed man! Ulu Watu remember me of Piranas that do not necessarily try to KO,but they can really screw your game. Numar is good but seriously that price is freaking retarded, I might prefer Stanly over him although its just speculations. You are a fan of Bloodh if I am not mistaken right? Yeah, I also think he is more stable and kinda better,most of the times.

As for the other bans

Arkn: Yeap unban him pls,GHEIST has so many cards banned
Artus: Nightmare are already just good in a half deck,don't kill them more. Ban Lady better ffs
Tremorh is good for mind games. You don't know if they are gonna over pill of 1-pill. Plus is you lose for just 1 pill you feel like crap for the rest of the game smiley
Mona: no,they have Avola banned and that's just fine.

Other than that,any replacements for my Ongh? I am gonna try to switch him with Zornado and I hope it works out

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Monday 07/01/2013, 11:11

@fotakou heh yah big fan of bloodh. but now hes not that special smiley miss lizbeth released.... allows more KO opportunity? less stable though i dont know which one better.
also, zornado is terrible, if you are desperate for a 5* rather use nyema, 10 damage gap is pretty good.

saki will go in some time, shifou is not better thing is saki has a better bonus. shifou is really strong too though, one of the best 3*s currently.

i dont see wee lee op but ulu watu is actually pretty good right now? yah many other cards needs to get out as well.... but UR is just slow at making changes....

some junkz cards NEED to go like just one but curently they are WAYYYY too good in elo. solid options for every single *? maybe fuzz should go (laugh all you can)

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