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Sunday 06/01/2013, 23:11

Hi! I would like to sell or trade my 50 Thorpah (0xp). I value the lot at current market minimum (13000 each; 650000 total). Below is a list of the cards I would accept for a trade (including their current market minimum). Of course, in most cases, we will need to make the trade even using clintz. I currently have 359486 clintz.

List of acceptable cards:

Lamar Cr (540000)
Sigmund Cr (568000)
Tessa Cr (749999)
Flavio Cr (770000)
Ndololo Cr (799999)
Aldebaran Cr (810000)
Berserkgirl Cr (900000)
Armanda Cr (900000)
Rass Cr (937037)
Dragan Cr (950000)

I will update the values on this thread if there are any significant changes. Feel free to PM or post here.


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