offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 13/01/2013, 15:51

Sorry started this one before but dont want to bring it up. please keep to ELO specific!

Ill start us off:

spudd: sorry this guy gets like no attention at all. i know 4 damage may seem painful at times.... but look not all card have to be oh yah big power big damage now go die! this card is a great wall great ability + bonus synergy. one more thing i would like to mention is the low minimum on this guy, that 1 pill can change a game at times.

ward hg: way overlooked due to fierce competition. honestly, at least half the time I would prefer this card to cyb lhia, since he is not limited to turn 1. look at all his counterparts, laura is 3 stars, lilou has 7 power, luba has 1 more star AND 1 less damage.

bloodh: how often do you see a card with 9 life gap capability WITH protection. people say piranas is all about pillz manip and bloodh doesnt fit into the theme blahblah bad card. I say no, leave him to last round and you will not regret having him in your deck.

liam: only viable SoA for skeelz, and very splashable in decks actually. often overlooked by redra and sasha, but I would recommend try to have all 3 in your deck.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Saturday 06/04/2013, 08:50

Now that you think about it,
i think miken moose is largely underrated. a 2* that forces you to pill, and has 2 damage (fairly decent, at least not 1 damage). reminds of of wendel, however not conditional and 2 less attack.

tsuka: second best 4* in clan? unopposed and on revenge turn becomes a 9/9..... SoA? 9/6. SoA? 7/7 not bad at all.

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Saturday 06/04/2013, 19:08

I always preferred Miken Moose over Jeto. But now with Flora we don't need him anymore, especially since Roots are already lacking in raw damage. Would have played him in the past, but we had Arno then. Maybe the past-past. He was one of my starting cards too... Ah the memories.

For 4* Frozn, aside from Stompah the #1 choice, between Eliska, Tsuka and Bankee, I choose Eliska. I always thought Bankee was the better one of the three, so I played him when i had a Frozn fever, but then via trial-and-error I realised Eliska is better. She doesn't have to be played in her courage rounds if you can activate her bonus, making her a 8/7, but if you can, then go ahead and abuse her 11/7 stats. 9/5 is pretty good too. I'll say she is conditionally versatile, just adapt to whatever situation the games forces you into.

I've been reading all the comments in this subject, and I get the impression we're referring to "competitive Elo cards that are not played as often as their same-level counterparts", so if I'm wrong please correct me. I'm also running of characters, so I'll do a short one.

Kawamashi Cr: For some reason I like him but everyone else doesn't. Not as good as Rodney but he's second to Lola only, in my opinion.

Gatline: When Wyre was introduced I thought we'd see more of her and less of Bryan, but I was wrong. She's the only non-conditional attack manipulation in Elo for La Junta.

I'm not finished yet but I'm running out of characters, argh. Next post.

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Saturday 06/04/2013, 19:23

I read somewhere in this thread that 7/6 for a 3* is mediocre, that I'd have to disagree, because it's not giving justice to cards like Pan. Same goes for Valentina Ld. While her conditional ability will make playing Sentinel more difficult, her 6 damage is one of the highest you'd take in a Sentinel half (Jakson, Melvin, Valentina Ld, ???) and that can really save you from being out-damaged in the earlier rounds. I'll say she and Jakson will make a good damage-catch-up combo. I'm saying this from experience, ever since I started playing Valentina Ld I'd sworn to always include her when I'm playing Sentinel.

I'd also include Tobbie. While being extremely vulnerable to SoA, All Stars, Protection: Power and much more, Tobbie can tackle cards like Ongh or Murray, which is a feat considering he is only 2*. Don't put all your money on Tobbie winning the game, but his ability to put some killer-cards (again referring to Ongh) at bay is worth noticing.

Eugene. While 7/4 is plain average for 3*, he's not really that bad compared to Nanook. 1 less power but a 2 life safety-net. I'd still choose Nanook first because of SoA, but he's my second choice, unless I'm sick and tired of facing Gheist/Roots 9 times out of 10, then I'd choose Janice second.

There's also a pretty heated debate about Ward Hg, I'll say he's OK but I'd still choose C Wing and Cyb Lhia first, hence no need for a third 2*. With lots of sly tricks around Elo lately, I wouldn't want to bet on him.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 07/04/2013, 04:06

@kawamashi cr: umm no roger is better.... 1 more damage and copy:bonus is good

@gatline: no pretty bad haha i mean +8 attack is so minimal, how often do you see raw 7 power cards? look at counterparts: kazayan (+2 attack), Dagg(+4 attack, different bonus), even coby in mono (+1 power, more vulnerable tho). she gets beaten by all her competition: brianna, arnie, isatis, bryan.

@miken moose: yah, treeman + flora definitely comes ahead, but if it comes down to third choice i think miken moose will have a great run for it.

RAW 7/6 is bad, RAW 7/7 is bad (Jalil). but yah if its just 7/6 wih attack manip its decent.

yah tobbie gets overlooked sometimes, but hes decent and 4 damage is there to threaten. kills so many cards, including pesky freaks.

eugene: i think hes beter than nanook in all honesty, against SoA hes not half bad either 9 power. 9 power is hardly different from 10 power anyway, but when unopposed his ability can make a difference.

ward hg: c wing comes first for sure, but for cyb lhia it REALLY depends on the rest of your deck. I mean, if you have a fan pi clang half theres no reason to use cyb lhia.

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Sunday 07/04/2013, 13:46

"if you have a fan pi clang half theres no reason to use Cyb Lhia."

But there is still a certain use Cyb Lhia has in a Vortex/Fang Pi Clang deck. In your worst possible hand, you could have Kusuri, Zhu Tang, Shifou and Cyb Lhia. Now imagine the same hand, but with C Wing in place of Cyb Lhia - a hell of a lot weaker and less threatening. Of course, in strong hands C Wing opens up a lot of KO opportunities, but really ELO isn't focused on 2hko and IMO works less efficiently with strong hands (high power > low power against SOA, regardless of damage).

Other then that, you've hit the nail on the head on the rest of those cards. smiley

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 07/04/2013, 17:19

I think Gatline is a-okay, although her competition is tough. 7+8 > 8 power, up to 8 pills. The issue is that her competition is great, but IMO Gatline is still very much ELO playable.

I'm sure I already said this somewhere in this thread, but Cyb becomes an absolute goddess if you have good lifegain in your deck. Only thing keeping her in check is that Vortex have a severe SoA vulnerability that very few members of their clan don't suffer from.

My newest favorite (sort of) underrated card is "She's Not So Good in ELO" Raven. I think in time, people will see just how strong that damage is. Even Uranus just reduces her damage to that of a decent 4*!! One of the things that kept Junta down as a clan was that they had virtually no DR penetration, aside from some 7-powered SoA. A little DR could nullify the threat of 2HKO in ELO, and that meant games against Junta would be a lot more predictable. With Raven's brute force, that is no longer a problem.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Sunday 07/04/2013, 20:23

Ive never been a fan of Cyb Lhia and will consistenly use other 2 star Vortex cards over her

Gatline is very playable and i have run her in the past in decks where she fits in nicely

offline philsfan1234 Imperator D-Versified
Monday 08/04/2013, 23:43

I feel like Brianna is better than Gatline though. +1 pill and more solid against SoA. If she wins, the +1 pill was a +8 attack anyway. Doesn't help if you lose though. Personal opinion.

offline AGPrinz Titan The BeSharps
Tuesday 09/04/2013, 11:59

Valentina LD, Futoshi LD, Norman, Juicy Lord, Vermyn N (overlooked due to competition), Haze, Marlysa CR, Gatline (shes better than both bryan and brianna in many cases. Krung.

offline Joinone Imperator XiongDang
Tuesday 09/04/2013, 14:56

Valentina Ld: it's not that she is underrated, her clan is underrated and rarely used.
Futoshi Ld: nope, people know he's good
Norman: competition, rightly ignored
Juicy Lord: competition; he is okay though.
Vermyn N: pretty good, pricey though. His clan has problem with weekly bans, we will see this week.
Haze: good card but Fizz is also good, if not better. Not a lot of people run mono Junkz, and Junkz 4-stars too good in half decks.
Marlysa Cr: NO ONE UNDERRATES HER (just can't afford her)
Gatline: (She is probably worse than both Bryan and Brianna in more cases) in this case yeah kinda underrated she is good
Krung: Without your five star nuke he is kinda useless. Considering his damage, we probably need to win three rounds, but with dat bonus? Too much effort not worth it.

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