offline elocau Titan  
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 11:31

The Nightmare clan takes center stage in the shop for a whole week. A special pack has just been released, that only contains characters from the clan of Kolos, Ghumbo and Karrion.This exceptional pack will be available for just one week only. If you want to lay your hands on it, you’d better be quick. Click here to see the pack.

edited by elocau wednesday 16/01/2013, 11:31

offline K475U Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 13:06

Piranas, Frozn and especially Vortex would be better smiley

available (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 13:11

I am using the app for the iPhone and see 8 packs which one is the nightmare pack? Or do I have to log on to a PC to get it?

offline Lord_Chrom Hero Ligue Nationnale de Urban Rivals
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 13:18

I hope next week there's.a frozn pack. smileysmiley

offline Quickdevil Colossus Urban Gamers
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 13:27

Event; No time to sleep [ No Time To Sleep ]

- Start; 17-01-2013
- End; 24-01-2013
- 1 round - 6 Days
- Max 24/32 Players
- Entrance fee; 500 Clintz
- 20 Lifepoints - 12 Pillz
- first to win 2 fights against all your opponents.

Day 1 & 2;

only deckformat 1 can be used [ Day 1 and 2 NTTS ]

Day 3&4

Only deckformat 2 can be used [ Day 3 and 4 NTTS ]

Day 5&6

Only deckformat 3 can be used [ Day 5 and 6 NTTS ]

#1 Dwain Cr + Nightmare promotion pack

#2 Kolos

#3 karrion

most matches played day 1&2 - Uchtul [ Day 1 and 2 NTTS ]

most matches played day 3&4 - Uchtul [ Day 3 and 4 NTTS ]

most matches played day 5&6 - Uchtul [ Day 5 and 6 NTTS ]

offline franco80423 Imperator  
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 13:41

Considering buying some but I don't know if it'll be worth it. smiley

available (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 15:14

I went to the web page through the game app and found the pack, I clicked and clicked and clicked but didn't get nothing !!! Please take my money !!!!! Lmao

offline hashburki Guru REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 15:46

I would still buy the extended pack : Vortex, Nightmare, Berzerk, Piranas, Sakhrom, Pussycats or (any 6 clans you like) for 20 credits.
i can get 3 extended packs for the price of 2 "Monstrous packs" for 60 credits. (9 cards are better than 6 cards and even probability tells you you there is more chance to get a better card by buying 9 cards instead of 6)
I guess this pack is for those who want exclusively nightmare cards. But why waste 10 precious credits on luckily getting Kolos when you might luckily get Kalindra, Cortez or Tsubame etc and sell them and buy Kolos + profit?

The only way this pack could be better is for this pack to be rigged in favor for Kolos, Karrion, Ghumbo etc. Otherwise please enlighten me as to why chose this pack over the extended.

offline Pijanac Colossus ExtraordinarY KillerS
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 16:15

The prices of the Nightmare cards are about to fall. As a collector I'm not happy about any cards falling in value that I already own.

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 17:02

This one guarantees a rare card, so it's better.

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Wednesday 16/01/2013, 17:05

Oh I take my comment back! I was pretty sure it said so somewhere o.O

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