Tuesday 25/12/2007, 16:30

Will this card be exclusively for Xmas or be a normal card in the collection?smiley

Tuesday 25/12/2007, 22:25

Too bad its not Xmas exclusive that would be cool

Wednesday 26/12/2007, 02:30

@ 0AET diedsoul..you are misunderstanding me..I know what Fraggle said and this is what Fraggle said.."Just a precision. The card is/will be available in packs (as usual)." SO IT IS ALREADY or WILL BE AVAILABLE in PACKS at the SHOPS but the question is WHEN?..what I meant to ask was.."is Gaia Noel ALREADY AVAILABLE IN PACKS?" I mean..when I open up a cool attitude pack, is there a chance that I can get one there..? because you mentioned that it is already available..and I don't think it is because new blood doesn't have her and there is still no confirmation from a player who opened packs in the shop and got one..

@ Josh Cr LoA..I already got her..and yes, it's a surprise why people pay so much for it when it's free and will come out in packs eventually

Wednesday 26/12/2007, 02:54

What I meant was..is she available in the packs in the shops?
when I open up a cool attitude pack, can I get her?
Fraggle said "Just a precision. The card is/will be available in packs (as usual)."
so I'm taking it that the card will be available in the packs soon..or..was the card a Christmas exclusive and that's about it?
can anyone confirm please..smiley

Wednesday 26/12/2007, 07:30

@ Xteritz..thank you very much for the info..smiley
now I know for sure that she's available in the cool attitude packs already..but not included in the new blood..smiley

Wednesday 26/12/2007, 14:22

Ground: yeb, she's in new blood now too. So you can now get her in cool attitude and new blood smiley

Wednesday 26/12/2007, 15:30

She is in the New Blood packs now


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