Monday 28/01/2013, 17:31

For a whole month, from 28/01 to 01/03, every day at 5pm and 9pm (GMT +1:00), it’s Happy Hour on Urban Rivals.
Load up on Clintz for an hour.
1 damage = 1 Clintz.
Just turn up in any room (except the Training, Guild and Events rooms) and get playing!
Don’t hang around. Make the most of it.

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Sunday 03/03/2013, 04:35

Play a match in a DT, play during a happy hour (now gone), watch videos that give you clintz, play in the "Duel" game room, and do free credit offers. Please stop complaining about earning clintz.

Sunday 03/03/2013, 06:08

@TUE-MrKazejin: Nooo! Reallllyyyy?! I had no idea I could do those things! How the hell am I not rich yet??

Good advice - I'll make sure to write it down. smiley

Monday 04/03/2013, 02:44

Complaining won't get you anywhere, just playing a lot will... try different game modes and see what works for you

Monday 04/03/2013, 03:14

You don't have to! Just write down the page!
You've been playing the game for a few months and you expect to be rich?

Monday 04/03/2013, 08:56

@ThatBoMC- If you want to rich that quickly just buy a lot of credit that you can,
Or not just play hard like every people else..smiley

Monday 04/03/2013, 15:17

@maki_mUR: "playing a lot" = grinding all day = not fun = nobody wants to/can do that.
"try different game modes" - All game modes = low clintz payout.

@ClourgBeyne: "you expect to be rich?" - Did I say that?

@ExTurbo: "just buy a lot of credit" - I don't spend my money on foolish things.
"just play hard" - a.k.a. grinding all day...see above about grinding.

Tuesday 12/03/2013, 13:44

Watch videos that give you clintz? Whats that? smiley


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