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Monday 28/01/2013, 17:31

For a whole month, from 28/01 to 01/03, every day at 5pm and 9pm (GMT +1:00), it’s Happy Hour on Urban Rivals.
Load up on Clintz for an hour.
1 damage = 1 Clintz.
Just turn up in any room (except the Training, Guild and Events rooms) and get playing!
Don’t hang around. Make the most of it.

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offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
Tuesday 29/01/2013, 18:08


But the clintz you get from battles are worth much less during inflated prices. So yeah...

offline joebetlacierdam Senior  
Tuesday 29/01/2013, 18:10

Its better than nothing.

but i think whats more cooler is a 2x clintz per fight event or 2x xp event in 1 month.. just like old mmorpg it has this kind of event like 2x drop rates for an item or 2x exp gain in 1 month.

also why not insert a invisible mission in the event. which you can win big crs.

and add a new pack which you can win random cr while this event isup.. that will surely be a happy hour for all of us.

thumps up if you love this idea.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 29/01/2013, 18:44

@Babs Hartley: The heads up was all the way back when they released the new game version. They allways planned to remove the old game version and I think they said they would on the news post.

@Artemis-BZ: Cookies should be turned on because they save the options to your computer.

@DeepEnd: I wouldn't mind a lite version as long as the chat works so you don't get an error message when trying to talk to them.

offline Gipsy Joe Titan TrAitorzZz
Tuesday 29/01/2013, 21:33

How about double progress for missions during happy hour?
That would sure make me happy.

offline Lord Gagaga Senior Vengeful Little Ponies
Wednesday 30/01/2013, 04:15

Uurrrggg not happy enough less it was 1 damage = 5 clintz lolol OP much
or maybe just make it 2 clintz per damage smiley

offline blackdeath141 Hero  
Wednesday 30/01/2013, 06:35

Ya so its 9:30pm and im not getting the 1 damage equals 1 clint thing or does it only work on computers

offline hashburki Guru REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Wednesday 30/01/2013, 13:48

@ Goralion
Since time issue is a big problem. It would be better if the player himself would be able to activate the happy hour. Similar to the "gems +50%" item in Fantasy rivals. smiley and obviously you could limit the option to be activated once a week or month.
The multiplier should be increased. 1 damage = 10 clintz. smiley

offline joseph_27 Imperator DL's Knights
Wednesday 30/01/2013, 15:48

@hashburki, I think 1 damage=10 clintz is a little bit high.. at least 1 damage = 5 clintz .. smiley

offline ras-gil I Titan  
Wednesday 30/01/2013, 18:11

Ganda broche

one hour playing and where are the clintz?

offline 0 Athena Senior  
Wednesday 30/01/2013, 19:48


Cool good for me !

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