offline 0 Spycee Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Wednesday 06/02/2013, 18:40

I want sell some 0xp's
every lot starts at 50 clz, your bids add in this topic, winner is, who bid most clintz, and at each lot must be mininal 1/2 market price

good luck, have fun
auction ends 13.2.2013 in 23:59

LOT 1 :
42x Eugenge 0xp + 4x Eyrton 0xp

LOT 2 :
7x Natrang 0xp + 5x Otome 0xp + 6x Sai San 0xp + 8x Tatene 0xp

LOT 3 :
7x Lehrg 0xp + 35x Tsuka 0xp

LOT 4 :
2x Daussone 0xp + 23x Shirley 0xp + 3x Wesley 0xp

LOT 5 :
10x Bertha 0xp + 5x Sandy 0xp + 5x Lin Bee 0xp + Razor 0xp

LOT 6 :
63x Igor 0xp + 32x Bill 0xp

LOT 7 :
8x Cell 0xp + 23x Candy Jack 0xp + 2x Elixir 0xp + 2x Endora + 6x Magenta + 4x Melluzine

LOT 8 :
5x Aigwon 0xp + 5x Aigwon noel 0xp + 13x Snowflake 0xp

LOT 9 :
6x Carter 0xp + 3x Winifred 0xp + 2x Tunned 0xp + 1x Platoona 0xp + 3x Fifty 0xp

LOT 10 :
2x Mac hen 0xp + 4x douglas 0xp + 2x Gheistling 0xp +9x Kersten 0xp + 6x Meyen 0xp + 2x Nina 0xp + 2x Strynge 0xp +

offline PinkRose458 Veteran Open Casket
Wednesday 06/02/2013, 23:32

What time zone? Is there a reserve price?
50 clintz for each lot as a starting bid

offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Thursday 07/02/2013, 04:59

[AUCT] + title
In a auction you MUST write :
A start price (be realistic an choose a proper one).
A deadline (date and time)
You could also indicate a (proper) reserve price.

Write a clear and accurate subject or we will have to refuse it.

Example :
My auction will end on monday = NO
My auction will end on 31/10/2011 - 20h30 = OK

offline TNT_Blue Colossus TRiNiTY
Thursday 07/02/2013, 06:03

I'll bid 51 clintz for each lot.

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Thursday 07/02/2013, 11:50

7k Clintz for Lot 1 smiley

offline Mistah Prince Titan Time Conquers All
Thursday 07/02/2013, 12:27

100 clintz for Lots 2-10 smiley

offline HHM_Dota2 Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Thursday 07/02/2013, 13:14

100 clintz for every lot except 1st lot

offline Kre GK Legend Global Killer
Thursday 07/02/2013, 14:24

500 clintz for every lot except 1st lot smiley

offline HHM_Dota2 Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Thursday 07/02/2013, 14:39

1k for every lot except 1st lot

offline Aggro_HoA Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 07/02/2013, 18:43

3000 clintz for each lot in total adding up (not seperate all 10)

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