offline Quizn0s Master  
Thursday 07/02/2013, 04:40

Would this be effective? Before i spend my clintz, I would like to know if this double clan combo would be good. I am a little skeptical on what 3* and 2* i should use from frozn. I know i am going to use stompah. but I can't decide between: sah brinak, haaken, annuqa, ayzkub, and titsouk. I don't have tiwi ld, and i dont know how to get him, so he is out of the question. I wanna use 12 stars for frozn. Thanks for the suggestions

offline Ambrelo1134 Titan  
Thursday 07/02/2013, 05:08

Sah brinak is a must. Wait for stompah's price to go down before you get him.

offline Fotakou Imperator  
Thursday 07/02/2013, 09:35

Tiwi Ld is a legendary so you will have to wait for some Fridays more before he can be available but yeah he is a great staple. If you have read the ELO discussions here,Stompah is a GREAT addition after the bans so he is also a must have. Sah Brinak also a must,great synergy with Vortex and you can also have Annuqa.

offline aZanyPenguin Veteran  
Saturday 09/02/2013, 04:12

Something like this?


offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Saturday 09/02/2013, 06:29

@ambre dont listen to him. sah brinak is a piece of crap. yah works great THEORETICALLY, but hes weak to everything, SoA SoB DRs, and has to be used on revenge AND needs bonus and ability. imagine zhu tang but even more conditional.

tiwi ld IS a must, useful ability that goes perfectly with bonus.
haaken is HIGHLY desirable. SoA is ever useful.
i recommend trompah, pretty good card on its own, doesnt NEED bonus to function.

if you want a low star half, frozn is not the way to go.

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Saturday 09/02/2013, 07:43

Your main question is how you are going to handle Piranas and Nightmare as Frozn folds to SOB (they can't hit for enough damage otherwise) and Vortex is much less threatening as well.

The Frozn that handle SOB:
Stompah: Staple, operates normally without bonus
Haaken: Staple, SOA is key against Piranas and Nightmare
Mikaal: Mandatory for Frozn mono, run him if you are going 5/3
Tiwi Ld: Usually a staple but not so good here because you already have Vortex for Defeat
Annuaqa: Inconsistent ability and conditional bonus makes a lousy character, her only redeeming feature is SOB against Piranas and Nightmare. Tihmpah is better if you have 4-5 other characters that can handle SOB. Frozn desperately need a character with SOB ability.
Elishka: 9/5 on courage is ok against SOB

The biggest problem is damage, as Frozn have no character with more than 5 base damage. This makes Frozn a lousy pairing with Vortex.

offline GWNGeneralZod Imperator Great White North
Saturday 09/02/2013, 11:24

IMO, the better pairing for Vortex is Uppers.

Okay 2* characters (Jose Star, Wendel)
High damage higher * characters (Oxen, Herman, Kazayan, Nellie, Dorian, etc.)
Great bonus (Almost always forces your opponent to spend 3 pillz to even try to win. Obviously not as strong against SoB or other atk manip clans.)

A good 4/4 build would be: Jose Star, Wendel, Oxen, Kazayan, Titsouk, Haaken, Stompah, Thorpah
Personal choices and playstyle can change that line-up though.

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