offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Sunday 24/02/2013, 00:15

Bzzt!--Bzzt!- A bolt of lightning strikes a tree nearby, igniting it instantaneously. The embers touch the midnight sky like a demon grabbing at the innocence remaining in my soul. They should have never built this boarding school right next to a swamp.

             The rain pattering against my window is causing me to ask a lot of questions. Has my life so far been worth living? Am I ever going to be able to leave this school? Why is that burning tree closer to my window? All these questions are racing through my mind, bouncing back and forth like a bullet in a metal room. The annoyance of boring curiosity is... wait, wasn't that tree on fire? And why does it look suspiciously like my roommate? Enough. Back to my current curiosity. Why does... wait, where did that tree go? My attention immediately shifts onto the glow coming from my door. The glow looks like... wait, is that a burning tree?

If you have no fear join Night School lvl 25+
Must reach 300 guild points a week

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 15:11

Now number 2 most active guild angles of pain passed us up but we will retake the lead

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Sunday 07/04/2013, 05:32

Join us

offline Lover Boy 007 Senior  
Sunday 07/04/2013, 13:49

So it is one of the best guilds in United States smiley

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Sunday 07/04/2013, 15:47

Yes it is =)

offline AngeliXiShot Senior  
Monday 08/04/2013, 03:21

Guys got a Spot for me? Dont mind my win lost count I was young and left alot smiley

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Monday 22/04/2013, 16:07

Havnt posted here in a while but we are back to #1 most active american guild and as of this moment that i made this post #17 in the world

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Friday 26/04/2013, 16:03

Becomming more and more popular now lvl 20 getting closer and closer to lvl 28, i dont know what im gonna do when we no longer can rank in activity... so join now while you know we are the #1 most active guild.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Saturday 27/04/2013, 02:50

"Night school: Myeltd free since april 4th!" smiley

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Sunday 28/04/2013, 23:32

Join us

offline AznRepublic Guru E X C A L I B U R
Monday 29/04/2013, 02:12


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