offline elocau Titan  
Wednesday 27/02/2013, 15:29

Come and fight Kate in the new DUEL game mode and win cards and battle points! Every day, Kate will set 3 challenges: fight her and win common cards. Then, if you're feeling on form, you can carry on fighting her after having won the 3 daily cards and go on to win battle points.Every 24 hours, 3 new challenges will be available as well as new common cards to be won.
Click here to take up the challenge!

For the time being, the duel mode is available in Beta. We are planning to keep a close eye on what happens in terms of results (number of players, number of games, impact on the market, etc.) and will then make a decision about whether to keep it, amend it or simply get rid of it.

edited by elocau wednesday 27/02/2013, 15:29

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Tuesday 26/03/2013, 22:26

"@Coldberg : yes the 3 wins stage is still active for today," ... dunno, I see Level 1 0/5.

offline T4KK Imperator  
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 00:55

23 matches is already boring what more a 30 match... well at least it will lessen some free commons....

good job there UR!smiley

offline Digital Ph33r Hero All Are Welcome
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 00:59

Geez, atleast make the third card a uncommon or make the battles easier. This is just ridiculous. smiley

offline GZ Einlanzer Titan Gamerz Sanctuary
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 03:06

What a silly joke.smiley

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 03:39

How about we just make it possible to win 2 common cards each day?

But make the battles like 3/10 so it's balanced smiley

offline -Bakuryu Senior  
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 04:09

What y'all did now is good.

offline FloydBliss Master Time Conquers All
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 05:18

I just completed the first phase and won a Milton.Now it shows that if I complete the second phase,thats winning 10 battles,I'll be given yet another Milton!Whats the point of this?
If I complete the second phase,whats the guaranty that the third phase's reward wont be another Milton?Then the whole time given after the second phase would be a waste.
And I agree that the staff should think about giving the third card an uncommon one.Winning 30 battles for only 3 less priced common cards is surely much boring.

offline Pijanac Colossus ExtraordinarY KillerS
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 06:26

Did y'all finally figure out that this addition is bad for the game and are trying to safe face?

Yes, common cards have fallen in price, yes, other game modes are dying out, yes, this change will not stop that from happening. People will continue to milk this mode to complete missions. But don't worry, there have been plenty of other recent changes that are slowly killing the game. Too many free credits are bad for business.

offline Oncoming Storm Senior United Romania
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 10:08

5/10/15 fights is way to much for such a low reward.

offline TenshiNoYami Imperator Den of Urban Masters
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 10:44

It's so true..if only there would be an uncommon card when you complete all the 30 duel, or at least a prize draw similar than the slot machine.

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