offline elocau Titan  
Wednesday 27/02/2013, 15:29

Come and fight Kate in the new DUEL game mode and win cards and battle points! Every day, Kate will set 3 challenges: fight her and win common cards. Then, if you're feeling on form, you can carry on fighting her after having won the 3 daily cards and go on to win battle points.Every 24 hours, 3 new challenges will be available as well as new common cards to be won.
Click here to take up the challenge!

For the time being, the duel mode is available in Beta. We are planning to keep a close eye on what happens in terms of results (number of players, number of games, impact on the market, etc.) and will then make a decision about whether to keep it, amend it or simply get rid of it.

edited by elocau wednesday 27/02/2013, 15:29

offline (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 08/05/2013, 03:24

Someone told me that I did not have to play Duel Mode if I did not want to, I agree but I want to complete my mission and playing against Kate is way better than trying TI play against someone who will 1) timeout, 2) prevent me from achieving my goal, 3) quit the match when I am winning, and 4) always being matched up with players that stop my ability which makes my journey to finish my missions a long and tedious battle... With Kate I can get my poision damages in versus a real player that sees my 4 cards with the same ability poision and he/she them knows I am trying to poision them. I am glad Duel Mode is here for that reason only that's why I play so yeah I have a choice to play in other rooms but I know that in those other rooms it will take forever to get 5000 poision damages .......

offline (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 15/05/2013, 15:10

WOW !! I just played 5 games in Duel Mode and tested Kate to see if the AI was counting my pillz and sure enough she is. I am releasing a few videos on YouTube today to show that the AI knows sees how many pillz you use ....

offline -Rapture- Guru  
Wednesday 15/05/2013, 17:30

*watches Kate go all in + fury with Beef on the first turn against 3-pill Malicia*

Nah, I'm pretty sure her playstyle is completely random.

offline Afiq Hazim UR Novice Harimau Malaya's Guild
Friday 17/05/2013, 17:27

Blidgey in this mode?

available Dr Pr Hutson Titan Masters of Battle
Friday 17/05/2013, 17:38

No, Kate is not completely random. But once you see her pattern, she becomes predictable (ex. play a high damage card in the first round, 1 pill max. She will either go all out or play a random card with 1 pill).

offline -Rapture- Guru  
Friday 17/05/2013, 20:44

@Afiq if the 150ish clintz Blidgey is worth is really too much for you, then yeah, I assume you can get her in this mode. You'll just hafta get lucky.

@Hutson I wouldn't know nothing about no patterns, I tend to play rather randomly against her as well smiley

It'd be nice if she wouldn't use Guru cr against my 25* elo deck tho'...

offline Worbis2 Guru lonely fighters
Sunday 19/05/2013, 13:14

I have checked all three commons of this mode every day for two weeks and havn't got any 4* or 5* yet.

So I am not sure wether you can get Blidgey in that mode.

offline mihalll7_UM Event team URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 19/05/2013, 13:27

Blidgey is still in NB, so can't get her there yet

offline Night-Watch Guru  
Monday 27/05/2013, 01:26

This may be a stupid question: Are some cards "more common" than others? I seem to get the very same cards again and again. Is this just very bad luck?

offline CB Shango Master Clintz Bank
Tuesday 28/05/2013, 02:03

@Night-Watch my guess is that it's just terrible luck on your part, but the majority of the cards I get are of mostly the same value(130-250 clintz) but I have obtained a couple of spiaghi playing duel so thats always a plus.

But I do have 1 question, and that is once you get the last card you can continue playing and after 10 wins you get some extra BP. Exactly how much extra BP do you get?

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Clint City, night.