offline DarkChaze Guru Unforgiving™
Sunday 03/03/2013, 16:06

I just started yesterday, trying to figure this game out and trying to be acquainted as fast as I can. I started this game on an iphone and I thought this was new but it's been here for ages.

Anyway, I need help on how to level up fast and how to earn more clintz and credits the easy way. I mean the noob way. I also have the 296 credits from earning free credits. Right now, I dont know what to buy from those packs. Please help me and advise me as a beginner. Thank you.

offline Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 03/03/2013, 17:17

With that many credits, what would help you the best is either a lot of New Blood Packs or a Titanium Pack. To get many clintz, your best bet is to get New Blood in hopes of trying to get one of the four newest people or someone that is good enough to have. To get Credits easier all you have to do is play Daily Tourneys and if you get in the top 3rd of the tourney then you get a credit. Plus playing Elo for a week you will get 2 credits. But make sure you have a decent for those which all falls back on getting either New Blood Packs or a Titanium Pack.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 03/03/2013, 17:30

Level up: Play Deathmatch
Clintz: Beat up Kate, play the one fight every other hour in both DTs, occasional clint video that pop up randomly. I think iPhone app has some clint offers too.
Credits: Free offers, like you've been doing. Or cash.

Your current credits: Buy extended packs. There's a pile of topics that tell you what to buy, or just pick the ones that you like the best.

offline DarkChaze Guru Unforgiving™
Monday 04/03/2013, 01:30

So you're saying it's wiser to buy extended packs than titanium?

offline 0 Nomi Titan  
Monday 04/03/2013, 05:25

Titanium secretly sucks. Get NB or Extended or Elite. Level stops being important after 50, when you get Vholt. The noob way to get clintz is DM, the noob way to get credits is TD and playing 5 games on ELO per week. Also free offers if you have access to them. Try making a good ELO deck or two with the cash you get. I suggest Mono-Roots and Mono-Junkz, in the worst of cases you should get enough money to make both. That should be an easy 1150 or so. Those decks are so good even i get 1200+ on a regular basis!

offline TNT_Blue Titan TRiNiTY
Monday 04/03/2013, 06:29

There's a website that calculates the best clintz-to-credit ratio per pack. New Blood is currently the best pack to buy.

offline DarkChaze Guru Unforgiving™
Tuesday 05/03/2013, 13:28

I bought titanium and new bloods and well new blood is better so i will buy new bloods and extended more. thanks all

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