offline elocau Titan  
Monday 04/03/2013, 11:27

It was towards the end of a daily free-for-all that Berzerk realized that Kawamashi was missing from their roll call. He left behind him an aura of mystery that would forever surround him and an empty flask... On the other side of town, Jungo have prepared a huge leaving party because Sylth is off on an adventure to track down a legendary crystal apple thought to be hidden in the land of Los Santos.From Monday, March 11th, Sylth and Kawamashi will no longer be available in the shop’s packs. However, players who already own them can continue to use them as normal. Sales of the two characters on the Market will be blocked until the morning of Wednesday, March 6th.

edited by elocau monday 04/03/2013, 11:27

offline R-chime LoA Titan  
Monday 04/03/2013, 20:29

About time they made sylth a cr, kawamash is a surprise, a good card but not easily suspectable of becoming cr, oh well thanks for the cr's UR

offline anzboy Colossus Open Casket
Monday 04/03/2013, 20:44

U mean staff ban right cause they have about 2 others normally up 4 weekly bannings

offline Kadi 86 Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 04/03/2013, 21:00

Been playing for more than a year by now and finally got my first CR.
But I'll never be able to finish the Sylth mission. smiley

offline anzboy Colossus Open Casket
Monday 04/03/2013, 21:08

@Pijanac Cards dont go cr because their great they go because on a set schedule based on their release. The basic part is to make one of the first released cards go Cr Kawamashi was in the very first batch. When a newer clan like vortex n berserk goes cr their First Cr will most likely be from their first release(Example heegrn Cr), while on their second cr it might be a card that is released in about 1 year's time of the first release for the clan(Jungo Example. Sylth and Kreen Cr). What i described is the more common way UR does choosing Cr. However there are other factors like golds and silvers have a greater chance of going Cr than a bronze due to their numbers. In recent Crs they are all good or usable cards, so very unlikely to have another Cr like Terry Cr. UR also does not like to choose cards with heavy Cr rumors like the many strong cards still here like charlie even though she is one of the oldest cards in UR and a great card as well many people beileved she would be cr. Anyways to tell you the true right now is a great time for berserk players, The price markets always crashes the clans overall market value on all non cr cards. When Heegrn Cr left Dregn Dropped from 80k+. Although the crashes are noticeably smaller on second and third Cr releases.

offline Vroteier9 Imperator  
Monday 04/03/2013, 21:22

Yah 2 more Cr going to my collectionsmiley

offline UM-Eppic Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 04/03/2013, 22:20

2 more crs in my collection also but they are both kawamashi

luckly got one in a pack but rest of the pack sucked

offline glaedr180 Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Monday 04/03/2013, 22:27

People say charlie wont go cr as there is too much speculation around her, but look at dahlia cr - everyone said she would go cr and she did

offline Lafoote Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Monday 04/03/2013, 23:19

Why did everyone think Beef would be a Cr? I think in 16 months of UR I've seen him played twice(which is probably once more than I ever saw Heegrn Cr, but still). I was expecting Lola, Spyke, or Elvis. However, Kawamashi fits because he is semi-redundant with addition of Roger.

offline El Darrioso Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 05/03/2013, 00:13

Sylth is off on an adventure to track down a legendary Crystal apple thought to be hidden in the land of Los Santos.

Isn't Los santos the county you live on in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ? smiley

offline RocketStarWar Master  
Tuesday 05/03/2013, 01:03

For a minute there I thought Both of them will Go Cr

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