offline zodiaco22 Master  
Monday 04/03/2013, 23:09

As titlle says i want to trade my 37x Amiral Coco which i value each at:
22x Amiral Coco Full 2.2k
15X Amiral Coco 0xp 2.4k

The cards im looking for are
Bangers: Blaaster Cr, Willy.
Frozn: Sah Brinak
Jungo: Ongh, Niva
La Junta: Jane Ramba Cr .Amiral Py Cr, Ray, Naginata,
Piranas: Dalhia Cr, Smokey Cr, Ahkab, Bloodh, Lizbeth, Hawkins,
Pussycats: Charlie, Yayoi
Rescue: Marco Cr, Kerry, Aurora
Vortex: Heegrn Cr, Shaakarti, Dagg, Dregn, X-0DUS

Thanks mods

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