offline Wolfy_Cat Senior  
Wednesday 20/03/2013, 15:26

I haven't played this Urban-Rivals for a while, recently I just came back to play it.
I currently have a set of cards from the Rescue clan, so far in battle's I haven't been doing well. I am wondering what I can do to improve it or should I change and play a new clan. Can anyone help me?

offline Charleston 123 Master  
Wednesday 20/03/2013, 15:38

What are the cards u have?

offline Thoazol Mediator Wise Men Distracted starstarstarstar
Wednesday 20/03/2013, 15:59

Not if you won't tell us your current deck.

offline Wolfy_Cat Senior  
Wednesday 20/03/2013, 16:17

Deck - Lobo, Lothar, Slyde, Wesley, Benson, Cliff, Daussone, Glosh
Collection - Beverly, Denise, Joana, Krash, Larry, Lea, Suzie, Tina

offline Mundham Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 20/03/2013, 23:23

A 25* deck from your entire Rescue collection -

Cliff, Slyde, Krash, Lea, Tina, Benson, Daussone, Joana.

Tbh these aren't the greatest cards in the world (or even in their clan) but they would get you Top 150 if you played through a full DT.

offline Wolfy_Cat Senior  
Thursday 21/03/2013, 01:33

So should I just change clans then?

offline Wolfy_Cat Senior  
Thursday 21/03/2013, 01:57

Or should i get new cards from the same clan

offline Charleston 123 Master  
Thursday 21/03/2013, 10:08

If I were u, I would switch to Uppers or Sakrohm. Their ark manip might not be as good a s Rescue but they have much stringer abilities. What mode are u using this deck for by the way?

offline Wolfy_Cat Senior  
Thursday 21/03/2013, 11:55

I would prefer a deck and clan that can cover most of the modes, but the one I'm most concentrated on is Tourney, and Survival, additionally practice for ELO later

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