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Simple promo lotto for Time Conquers All

for every 1000 green likes 1k card will be added to lotto

for every 100 players join will add 1k card to the lotto

Time Conquers All membership requirements:
LEVELS 60 or higher - No requirements except must be Hero rank or higher.

Level 45-59 - Must meet three of the following criteria:
Ⅰ. Best Score in ELO – 1300 or above
Ⅱ. Survivor – Extended or ELO 10 wins or above (one or both counts as one criteria)
Ⅲ. Rank – Guru or higher to count as a criteria
Ⅳ. Fair Play – 3% or lower
Ⅴ. Win 50% or higher of battles

TCA promotional

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Tuesday 28/05/2013, 15:02


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Thursday 06/06/2013, 05:59

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this lotto will end soon join while you can

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