offline 0 GURU Novice  
Saturday 30/03/2013, 01:11

I have all gheist but the cr's can anyone help me build an elo deck with them?

offline Wakayama3 Titan The United Fans of Homestuck
Saturday 30/03/2013, 08:48

Hi! About the 2*. U should definitely go for Elke and Z3r0 D34d (and don't forget Mok), frankly, they are the only playable 2* in ELO since Arkn is permbanned. Bristone and Leviatonn are always good options for the 3* spots, and maybe Stalfhaust. 4*, Methane or Anibal are good choices since Draheera and Toro are banned, but Hriger is a good choice too according to me. Then the heavy 5* spot. Definetely Wardom or XU52 on weeks not temp. banned. Good Luck!

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Saturday 30/03/2013, 11:38

Thank you very much, been playing for 2 years and never even attempted to build a serious elo deck

offline Wakayama3 Titan The United Fans of Homestuck
Saturday 30/03/2013, 11:56

You're welcome smiley

offline Joinone Imperator XiongDang
Saturday 30/03/2013, 12:24

I used to run both Wardom and XU52 since i don't really like the 4s, now Ksendra is out which is also a pretty good card.
Wurmhol is viable too, Platinum can be useful in some matchups

offline 0 GURU Novice  
Saturday 30/03/2013, 13:09

Thanks Joinone I can see what you mean there I will consider them for future weeks

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Saturday 30/03/2013, 23:08

"Wurmhol is viable too"

Yeah... no, he isn't.

There is a common GHEIST ELO deck that every GHEIST deck should be built around.

XU52, Hriger, Leviatonn, Bristone, Stalfhaust, Klawz, Mok/Elke and Z3r0 D34d

XU52 can be swapped for Wardom or Ksendra (preference). In the 4*'s department you really only have 2 choices - Hriger or Methane. It's hard to pick one or the other - they both have their merits. For 3*'s you really don't have much of a choice, if you really wanted to you can swap Klawz to Chiara Cr. GHEIST was one of the clans with all round good 2*'s, nowadays they are mediocre with many counters so your really left to choose between 3 cards - Mok, Elke and Z3r0 D34d.

offline 0 GURU Novice  
Sunday 31/03/2013, 05:46

Thanks CAM but can anyone now help simplify this to what I should have in my deck, how many 2*, 3* etc.

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Sunday 31/03/2013, 06:51

I'd say 2 2* and 3 3*. This way you have 12* for 3 cards, so you can go with three 4* cards. Or, three 2*, two 3*, two 4*, one 5*.

offline Joinone Imperator XiongDang
Sunday 31/03/2013, 08:31

Wurmhol is a DR
2 star DR is very useful.
This card is predictable but you can take advantage of it too.

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